Iberdrola Renovables commissions the O Vieiro Wind Farm

Iberdrola Renovables has commissioned the O Vieiro wind farm located between the Bande and Verea municipalities in Orense, with an installed capacity of 11.9 MW.

This new wind power installation entailed investment of €15 million.

It will produce approximately 45,000 MWh, enough to meet the annual energy needs of 40,000 people. The O Vieiro wind farm boasts 14 wind turbine generators (11 Gamesa G-58 turbines and three Gamesa G-52 turbines).

With this project, the company has consolidated its presence in the wind energy sector in Galicia, where it currently operates 15 wind farms producing 600 MW of power.

At the close of the third quarter of 2008, Iberdrola Renovables had installed capacity of 8,487 MW, representing year-on-year growth of 70.5 percent. Of this figure, 8,146 MW are produced by wind farms.

The company's installed wind power capacity in Spain stands at 4,450 MW (4,792 MW from renewable sources in total, including small-scale hydroelectric plants) with a further 3,696 MW of wind capacity abroad (2,318 MW in the US, 617 MW in the UK and 761 MW elsewhere, mainly Europe).

In terms of the geographical breakdown, the company's Spanish wind farms accounted for 5,947 million kWh (49.2 percent of the total), while US facilities generated 4,066 million kWh (33.6 percent) and UK wind farms accounted for 757 million kWh (6.3 percent). The remaining 894 million kWh were produced elsewhere (7.4 percent).