GE to double wind turbine deliveries to China

General Electric Co. has indicated about its plans to double wind turbine deliveries in China over the next two years.

This projection has been filed by the Shanghai Daily.

GE’s environmental product campaign head Steve Fludder noted GE hopes to increase wind turbine shipments to 320 units in 2009, up from 159 units of last year. The company also aims to double the amount to 600 units by 2010.

China, the fifth-largest producer of wind power, may buoy GE’s renewable-energy sales after larger markets in the US and Europe were hurt by the global credit crunch, Fludder reportedly said.

Last month, A-Power Energy Generation Systems and GE Drivetrain Technologies, a unit of GE Transportation, announced two Letters of Intent, one for GE to supply A-Power with 2.7 MW wind turbine gearboxes, beginning in 2010, and the second to establish a Joint Venture partnership for a wind turbine gearbox assembly plant. The joint venture will bring a multi-megawatt gearbox capacity to China and serve as GE Drivetrain Technologies’ Southeast Asia manufacturing center from which it will serve its customers in the region beginning mid-2010.