EDF Energies forms strategic alliance with Polat Enerji

EDF Energies Nouvelles has acquired 50 percent interest in the capital of Polat Enerji, one of the principal developers in the Turkish wind energy market. With this move, EDF hopes to capitalise on the potential of renewable energy sources in Turkey.

The company has pointed to favourable natural conditions, both for wind energy, with wind resources among the best in Europe, and for solar energy, with insolation on a par with that in southern Spain.

EDF highlighted that with slightly less than 500 MW in installed capacity at year-end 2008, Turkey has wind energy resources estimated at close to 20,000 MW according to the Turkish energy ministry.

The shareholding acquired represents 50 percent of Polat Enerji shares. This Turkish company owns two wind farms in service with 50 MW in total capacity, plus a 80 MW facility under construction, as well as four projects at advanced stages in their development, representing capacity in excess of 200 MW. All these assets are 50 percent-owned in partnership with another Turkish company.

In addition, within the framework of a call for tenders by the Turkish energy regulator (EMRA), Polat Enerji has submitted permit applications covering several hundred MW in wind energy.