Arup & Monsson Group announce as partners to Wind Energy Cape Town 2015

Arup and Monsson Group have signed up to become executive partners at Wind Energy Summit Cape Town 2015. The agreements amount to a combined effort to promote and expand the wind energy industry in South Africa in light of recent development to the REIPP...

In the build up to the much anticipated announcement of round four of the REIPP programme, international consultancies and manufactures have been gearing up to offer their expert solutions to the current challenges facing the South African wind energy market. Arup, one of the world’s largest technical consultancy organisations have joined as Executive Partners and Monsson group Europe’s leading renewable energy operator have partnered the show as Lead Sponsors.

James Anderson project director of the event said of the news;

“I am delighted to have Arup and Monsson group become partners at Wind Energy Cape Town 2015. As a reasonably new show, having the support of world leading consultancies and operators such as Monsson and Arup shows that our show is of high commercial value to the industry as a whole”

Justin Wimbush, Renewable Energy Business Leader at ARUP is due to speak at the event on foundations management. This vital presentation will reveal some of the latest intelligence on reducing development costs in the country speaking about the event he stated -

“Given that wind power is an important component of a balanced power supply portfolio for South Africa, we at Arup support Wind Energy Summit Cape Town 2015 as a way of bringing together wind development stakeholders to discuss this burgeoning industry”

Also at the Wind Energy Summit, Monsson group will be lending their expertise into how to manage the life cycle costs & performance of developer assets. Having been involved with renewables for a decade, leading the development of Europes largest onshore wind farm (600MW) which adds to an impressive portfolio of nearly 6000MW of renewable power, their insight to the event will be second to none.

Irina Serghei, Commercial Development manager at Monnson group states about the event;

“Our company is constantly looking for new markets and new opportunities and this is the reason why we gladly chose to support Wind Summit Cape Town. During this significant event we would like to share from our experience and expertise and also learn from the experience of all other participants”

Speaking on Arup’s continued commitment to Wind energy globally he add:

“Arup has a strong focus on wind projects across the globe – in particular ensuring that projects get off the ground with the right funding, partnerships, design and engineering to ensure success – whether on or offshore,”

Wind energy in South Africa is currently booming in the country with an expected 3 billion dollars expected to be invested into the country in the next 2 years alone. Recently a €1.9 billion deal was signed with Mainstream Renewable power to expand renewable projects across South Africa and beyond.

This year at Wind Energy Cape Town, delegates will gain unprecedented access to the key decision makers in the industry, so far over 60+ delegates have signed up from E.ON, Mainstream Renewable Power, Barclay’s Bank, Goldwind, Vestas, Acciona and many more.

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