Alternative Kilbraur access route for Gordonbush wind farm gets approval

A media report has indicated that an agreement has finally been reached with landowners over the use of the Kilbraur access track for Gordonbush wind farm construction traffic.

Sharing the development, The Northern Times reported that that the "way is not yet clear for Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) to take the hill road rather than the A9 through Golspie and Brora, in the teeth of fierce opposition from local communities."

It is also being shared that the power company still needs to gain planning permission and other environmental consents to construct a bridge across the River Brora at the far end of the hill route. "And given the fact that SSE managers have already stated they are working to a very tight timescale, there would appear to be a question mark over whether the necessary permissions can be obtained in time," reported the publication.

According to the company, the alternative Kilbraur access route for Gordonbush wind farm has now been agreed with the relevant landowners. This alternative route uses part of the access track for Kilbraur wind farm, directing traffic off the A9 at Drummuie south of the villages of Golspie and Brora.

SSE project manager Chris Marden has been quoted as saying: "In the case of Gordonbush, the local community is clearly in favour of the Kilbraur option, which avoids the need for abnormal loads to pass through Golspie and Brora. This recent development now opens the way for us to submit a planning application to allow us to construct a bridge crossing the River Brora."

In the past, it has been mentioned that local communities have been furious about the choice of the A9 and the Strath Brora road as the access route for construction traffic. Several community councils united in opposition to SSE's decision to use the A9 through Golspie and Brora followed by the single-track Strath Brora road.