Nova Scotia reached tidal feed-in tariff price

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board in recent weeks have released the developmental tidal feed-in tariff rates for large scale projects.

By K.Steiner-Dicks on Dec 17, 2013

“The decision is an important milestone in developing our tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia,” said Energy Minister Andrew Younger. He said that the rates will give the tidal industry clarity on the established price per kilowatt for tidal energy production.

An application system will soon be put in place to give clear direction on how to apply for a feed-in tariff, which is an established price per kilowatt hour developers will receive. The province plans to approve 15-20 MW of tidal energy at the rate set by the board.

“This is great news: Nova Scotia is now officially a tidal energy market,” said FORCE executive director Doug Keefe. “Combining its resource, infrastructure, science and tech sectors with a clear price structure, Nova Scotia can be a world player in the marine renewable industry.”

The province is set to close the request for proposals for the vacant berth at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) on December 16.

Establishing a feed-in tariff rate fulfils one of the commitments in the 2012 Marine Renewable Energy Strategy, which outlines how the province, universities and industry plan to work together on research, development and regulation to guide tidal development in the province.