Halcyon tidal power project would provide cheaper, greener energy, with low environmental impact on Severn Estuary

A £10-billion tidal range lagoon power project in the Severn Estuary would provide clean, renewable power to more than two million homes.

By julian on Sep 22, 2014

At a lower cost and with significantly less environmental damage than existing or proposed tidal range projects, according to a case study posted on the Halcyon Tidal Power website today, [September 15 ].

A “Halcyon Solution” tidal range lagoon project would generate power from the tides at less than £90 per MWH. Unlike current approaches to harnessing tidal energy, Halcyon proposes to incorporate patented construction and operational methods that significantly reduce construction costs and environmental concerns, such as fish kills and reduced water flow.
“Our technology provides the opportunity for the world’s first environmentally responsible tidal range power project,” said Dr. Ramez Atiya, Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of Halcyon. “Our innovations have been specifically developed to address the issues experienced by tidal range projects in operation around the world.”
The company has incorporated construction innovations from the offshore oil and gas, bridge and hydropower industries. Atiya said that Halcyon’s “Free Flow” operating cycle also protects the environmentally sensitive intertidal zone within the project basin.
The company’s CEO, Ted Verrill, said that providing power for consumers at or below market prices is an important focus for the company.
“The savings possible from using our ‘Pile-Supported’ modular construction methodology means that we can reduce the cost of the civil works and construction time by almost 50 per cent,” Verrill said. “We can produce power at less than £90 per MWH – more cheaply and more predictably than offshore wind and without government subsidy.”
Additional details of the company's proposals will be provided at ITES2014, the 8th annual International Tidal Energy Summit in London, November 23-25.
“Our approach and innovations are competitive with other plans proposed for the Severn Estuary and other sources of marine renewable electricity,” said Keith Towse, Vice President and spokesman for Halcyon. “We are delighted to be invited to participate in the Tidal Energy Summit, where we can discuss our technology and our projects with tidal energy experts from around the world.”

Learn more about the company and its innovative technology and methodologies at www.halcyontidalpower.com. For more information or an interview, telephone Keith Towse at +1 902 527 3158 or +44 20 8144 7127, or send an e-mail to keith@scottsbaytidal.com