Coastal protection scheme launched to stimulate North Wales tidal project

A new developer, The North Wales Tidal Energy & Coastal Protection Co. Ltd (NWTE), has been formed to stimulate, facilitate and coordinate mutually rewarding partnerships that deliver a commercially viable combined tidal energy and coastal protection scheme for North Wales.

By K.Steiner-Dicks on Oct 17, 2014

The North Wales tidal developer has been set up by Eryl Vaughan, formerly of Windpower Wales, with the goal of launching a tidal energy project/impoundment that also provides flooding defense in North Wales.

A website has been set up, albeit, with little information available at this stage of the organisation’s development, where those interested in its progress can be contacted by email.

“Our vision is the development of a world-leading integrated tidal energy lagoon and coastal protection system that provides an enduring and sustainable source of natural renewable energy, employment and environmental security to benefit the communities of North Wales,” says the company’s website,

Vaughan has also set up a Linkedin group for those interested in networking.

The organisation/developer expects to liaise and engage with many stakeholders over potential tidal projects to ensure a balance is met between local environment and commercial interests.

“As a locally led and managed entity, with its foundations in North Wales, we will be professional, commercial and ethical partners with all parties, keeping the benefit of the community at the heart of our operations,” says the organisation.