Aquatera enters design stage for Bluemell Sound plan

Stromness-based Aquatera are bringing Dutch engineers to Shetland this week to investigate building a tidal energy device across Bluemull Sound, according to a report by Shetland News.

By K.Steiner-Dicks on Apr 22, 2014

Aquatera is now entering a “detailed design” stage of what could be a multi-million pound project (£160m plus), which claims would pay for itself by generating some 30-40MW of electricity. If the project went ahead its could be one of an increasing number of energy schemes dependent on the installation of an inter-connector cable between Shetland and the Scottish mainland which would feed into the National Grid, said reports.

Aquatera is bringing Dutch engineers to investigate the site. So far the project idea has been met with positive reception from councillors, landowners and the community, according to a senior consultant at Aquatera.

According to Aquatera senior consultant Ian Johnstone, the tidal generators would form part of the bridge structure or be accessible from the bridge. In a news report, he is quoted: “We have been working on this for 18 months to two years now, we have done a feasibility study, spoken to investors and done some tidal monitoring."

The company has also spoken to device manufacturers about the project, but more details were not shared in the news report.

Aquatera is looking at similar projects in Scotland and Orkney.