Renewable NRG systems at MENASOL

Renewable NRG Systems is an independently owned company that designs and manufactures decision support tools for the global renewable energy industry.

The company’s expertise spans solar resource assessment, solar monitoring, wind resource assessment, and wind plant optimization. Found on every continent in more than 150 countries, Renewable NRG Systems’ comprehensive line of products includes complete systems, data loggers, sensors, towers, Lidar remote sensors, and condition monitoring systems. 
The company’s solar measurement products deliver the data you need to plan and successfully operate your utility-scale photovoltaic project—from pre-construction resource assessment to operational monitoring and forecasting.
Why Measure the Sun?
When properly installed and maintained, site-specific solar resource assessment (SRA) campaigns provide an accurate context to correct long-term satellite derived irradiance data.
Satellite derived irradiance data can come with uncertainty values as high as +/- 10 percent, depending on the region. Site-specific SRA campaigns, by contrast, provide lower measurement uncertainty of 2 to 5 percent when properly conducted. 
After one to two years of site-specific measurement, the SRA campaign data are used to adjust long-term satellite data sets – it is the combination of the two that provides the lowest resource-related uncertainty, which drives financial terms and, ultimately, project ROI.  
Why Renewable NRG Systems?
Solar Resource Assessment
The Renewable NRG Systems Solar Resource Assessment (SRA) System is a turnkey measurement
system for the prospecting and formal resource assessment of utility-scale photovoltaic projects.
Available with thermopile or photodiode pyranometers, this integrated system ships as a complete
kit for easy installation and precise data collection.
  • Measure your project’s potential seamlessly: Our sensors, instruments, and systems are designed to work together for unrivaled ease-of-use—from installation to redeployment.
  • Reduce uncertainty with bankable data: With your choice of ISO-9060 pyranometers and a standardized design, our systems provide accurate measurement in any terrain.
  • Rely on our industry-leading customer service: All Renewable NRG Systems solar products are backed by our world-class logistics, free lifetime technical support, and two-year warranty.
Solar Monitoring/ Forecasting
The Renewable NRG Systems SRA System easily converts to a solar monitoring “weather station,” providing the real-time meteorological data you need to maximize the performance of your project.
  • Real-time meteorological data delivery with the SCADA-enabled SymphoniePLUS®3 data logger
  • Statistical data  access via MODBUS and email
  • ISO-9060 Secondary Standard Pyranometers
  • Full suite of meteorological sensors
Sensors for OEM Applications
For OEM tracking PV applications, Renewable NRG Systems’ meteorological sensors provide a low-cost, reliable way to deliver inputs to your PV tracker controller.
  • Wind speed for PV tracker control
  • Various signal output options
Contact Renewable NRG Systems
To arrange a sales consultation at MENASOL 2014 Dubai, please contact:
Greg Erdmann
Vice President, Global Sales
+1 802-922-6482