Schott Solar signs contracts in the Middle East and the US

Schott Solar has signed contracts for the supply of more than 65,000 receivers to the Middle East and the US markets.


The company also recently announced a contract for the supply of 80,000 receivers to a Spanish customer for projects in Southern Europe, the single biggest order ever filed by the CSP business.


"These contracts in three important growth regions highlight the international importance of Schott Solar CSP GmbH as the leading manufacturer of a key component of solar thermal power plants using parabolic trough technology," said Dr. Martin Heming, CEO, Schott Solar AG.


According to a release, the planned project in the Middle East has the potential to send a signal to the entire region which today relies almost exclusively on fossil fuels for electricity generation. However, the region is not only rich in oil and gas resources but, at 1,975 kWh/m², also benefits from an average annual insolation which is almost twice as high as in Germany, stated the company.


On the US market, Schott Solar said that the supportive scheme "will provide a fundamental additional planning and realisation security especially for the CSP market."