Exploring the career opportunities for women in solar

With less than 10% of jobs in solar filled by women, the career opportunities for women in the solar industry in the Middle East and North Africa will be analysed and discussed at this year’s Women’s Solar Seminar (5th May, Dubai)

The solar industry is kicking off in Saudi Arabia with the announcement of the first ISCC plant, 170MW of PV projects well underway in Jordan and the qualified bidders for the Noor II and Noor III CSP plants in Morocco soon to be announced. Therefore, the opportunities for both young aspiring women as well as experienced women in the solar industry are wide ranging.

The opportunities to reach the top of the corporate ladder within the leading solar companies both locally and internationally over the next few years will be wide ranging for women – policy-making, engineering, business development and many more sectors. 

Although MENA is the fastest growing and most lucrative region for the emerging solar industry, there are undoubtedly challenges that are unique to women, for international women it may be a case of adapting to the local culture which may help with breaking through the glass ceiling – an issue that women are facing globally. For female nationals of the MENA region, it may be that they are not encouraged to study engineering or more industrial degrees. The Women’s solar seminar will focus on exploring the opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and more key markets in the region and show women how to prepare for their future solar career. 

At the Women’s Solar seminar, there will be insight and participation from female engineers from Saudi Aramco, the leading law firm Eversheds LLP and more solar experts. For more information about the seminar, visit the website here:


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