MAR prepares for new welding technology to be applied to solar panel assembly

Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR), a specialist in complete automation and robotic solutions, has developed a "new welding method for assembling solar panels faster than ever before".

According to, the new technology was part of a bid to win a $5m contract with Ausra.

As per the information available, MAR will now integrate its new technology to automate the manufacturing and distribution of solar collector panels and steam generation systems.

According to MAR, its new welding technologies have never been used in the solar industry before. It will enable significant reductions in the cost of a solar thermal power plant, producing high precision solar reflectors at a rate more than 20 times faster than manual production. It claims its welding technology reduces the amount of hardware needed in the assembly process, and eliminates the use of riveting, screwing or manual welding.

MAR is a designer and manufacturer of complete industrial automation solutions servicing large and small scale production-critical companies seeking the competitive edge that high-tech automation and robotics provide.