Heliodyne makes technological advancements

Heliodyne makes technological advancements
US solar thermal manufacturer Heliodyne's established products have undergone technological advancements.
Heliodyne's flagship product, GOBI collector, has a new electron "blue sputtered" absorber surface coating which improves the efficiency of the product.
Other improvements in the company's product line include redesigns such as with the Helio-Pak Pro, an all-in-one heat-transfer appliance with advanced system monitoring capabilities, such as BTU metering and user-friendly adjustable settings.
The company has also introduced pre-configured "off the shelf" packaged systems complete with all necessary components. The packaged systems come in varying sizes depending on the hot water load, and are available for various solar water heating applications such as domestic hot water, pool heating, and combination domestic hot water/space heating systems.
As per the information available, having pre-packaged systems to choose from takes out a lot of the guesswork and system design time it would normally required otherwise.
Ole Pilgaard, president, Heliodyne said that the company has come up with such initiative in response to demand in solar energy being at an all time high.
"Solar hot water is an affordable, efficient, and time tested form of renewable energy. With all the new advancements in the industry, the public interest in solar thermal is really growing," said Pilgaard.