Flabeg to produce high-precision parabolic mirrors in the US

Flabeg is to set-up production capacity for high-precision parabolic mirrors, which are used to help generate electricity at large-scale solar power plants. It will be the company's first US facility of this type.

The new 209,000-square-foot manufacturing facility will be build in the Clinton Commerce Park near Pittsburgh International Airport.

The company expects to begin construction in October, open in the spring and be in production by October 2009. First deliveries are scheduled for November 2009.

The factory will have a capacity of up to one million parabolic curved mirrors annually. It already has orders for 700,000 mirrors.

The company has already supplied worldwide around 4,7 Mio. high-precision curved solar mirrors to the market.

In June this year, the company had acquired 100 percent of the shares of glass company Naugatuck, from the previous shareholder Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The strategic acquisition by Flabeg strengthened its US market position in the core business areas including solar mirrors and technical glass.