eSolar signs deal with Sundrop Fuels

eSolar has launched an operating platform for concentrated solar heat and energy production.

The company, a producer of modular, scalable solar thermal power plants, shared that it will supply its heliostat and sun tracking technology solutions to Colorado-based Sundrop Fuels. This is the first commercial contract to leverage eSolar technology for use in a process heat application.

As per the deal, eSolar has agreed to supply solar collecting equipment and licence for its solar concentrator technology to Sundrop Fuels.

Sundrop is the first of many companies we believe will utilise eSolar's patent pending solar concentrating technology, said Asif Ansari, CEO, eSolar.

"Solar energy will always be plentiful, but it previously has been too difficult to concentrate cheaply and make useful for process heat applications. By making eSolar's technology available to other companies, we can drastically reduce the cost of incorporating solar power into the energy mix—this technology enables additional sources of clean, renewable energy and primes the market for the production of the first terawatt of solar energy," said Ansari.

On behalf of Sundrop Fuels, its CEO John Stevens said, the company has made a multi-year commitment to integrate the eSolar operating platform into its core technology and business due to eSolar's low overall system cost. "Quite simply, eSolar's modular, pre-fabricated architecture dramatically reduces the price point of harnessing solar energy," said Stevens.