BrightSource reportedly facing a possible regulatory delay

BrightSource is reportedly facing a possible regulatory delay and has been attending hearings on how to streamline the approval process.

The Associated Press noted the delay citing state filings.

A report, filed by, confirmed that the approval process is a bit behind, attributing the development to BrightSource Senior Director of Corporate Communications Keely Wachs.

"BrightSource had been aiming to have its solar project approved by the end of October, but both the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) need to conduct environmental assessments and give approval. That hasn't happened yet," reported the publication.

"BrightSource's solar project is one of the first in line to seek approval from the BLM, so there is a lot of new territory to cover, and both the CEC and BLM are resource constrained. The BLM was so overwhelmed with solar applications that it previously called for a temporary moratorium on solar applications on BLM land, but later reversed that decision in the face of a lot of criticism," it added.

However, Wachs said that at this point BrightSource's projects are "continuing to move forward on schedule."