SOCAR Energy Joins Petrobloq’s Oil & Gas Blockchain-Based Consortium

Remember Petroteq Energy Inc?

We spoke about them in one of our recent articles. The company focused on the development and implementation of proprietary technologies for the energy industry and they are members of PetroBLOQ, a blockchain-based oil and gas supply chain management platform.

Petroteq announces that SOCAR Energy Ukraine Ltd is the latest member of PetroBLOQ, "SOCAR" is a subsidiary of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and one of the most powerful members of PetroBLOQ.

for the record, PEMEX is the other member of the consortium looking to design and test platforms to more efficiently manage the supply chains that support their extensive oil and gas assets, infrastructure and sales.

Petrobloq will be the first Blockchain based platform developed exclusively for the supply chain needs of the Oil & Gas sector.

Who's going to be the next company that will join this two major estate companies and the $450 billion-dollar market share for oil equipment and oil services providers that is about to be disrupt thanks to blockchain? - that's is the next question.