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A trained engineer and avowed gadget geek, Tina Boggiano has spent the past six of her 20+ years in pharma in product development and commercial roles on innovative digital health initiatives. Tina understands both the technical and human sides of digital health design and possesses unique insight into the challenges pharma companies face when trying to innovate in this exciting and evolving space. Tina is a member of PA Consulting Group's Integrated Healthcare Solutions team, helping Life Sciences companies design and build successful digital health tools, solutions, strategies and organizations that align with broader business objectives. Doug Haggstrom, a trained chemist and engineer, worked in Drug Development before venturing into a career in Strategy, Media and IT development. He has worked within and advised companies ranging from multinationals to startups. He has most recently been advising a developer of patient tools and supplier to the Pharma industry. He is able to bring influences from outside the industry and translate them into a pharma context.

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