Webinar: Advanced Therapies: Orchestrate a Patient-Centric Commercial Launch

Cultivate cross-functional alignment to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes

Bringing advanced therapeutics to market is no easy feat. The many technicalities involved in running trials, scaling manufacturing capabilities, market access and launch drives up end-to-end costs, meaning patients are often faced with a complex, long and expensive road to treatment.  

Establishing effective and efficient cross-functional alignment is the key to streamlining the road to market and keeping costs down to bring CGT’s to as many patients as possible.  

To make this commercial paradigm a reality, pharma needs a digitally connected platform to increase commercial efficacy and enable holistic oversight across all stakeholders. That’s why Reuters Events gathered experts from Salesforce, Mustang Bio, Legend Biotech and Allogene Therapeutics to discuss commercial barriers facing CGT companies today and tried-and-tested solutions.

Key learnings include: 

·       What it takes to successfully take a cell or gene therapy from trials to commercialization 

·       How to mitigate human error and de-risk the process of commercializing advanced therapies by automating processes while also driving down costs 

·       How to digitize the commercial process to ensure timely patient access and increase positive patient outcomes 

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