17th annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia (Commercial, Digital and Patients)

Apr 16, 2019 - Apr 17, 2019, Philadelphia

800+ pharma leaders join together to discuss how to revolutionize the patient experience – and, accordingly, their commercial performance.

Barcelona 2019: Patient Initiative Finalists Revealed

We have whittled it down to the final five. Here are the contenders for the Most Valuable Patient Initiative award

What makes our species so unique is our ability to spread ideas. This cross-pollination has enabled peace and prosperity to flourish, and ignorance to be supplanted by understanding.

Each of the innovative programs recognized in this year’s awards have made a meaningful contribution to improving people’s lives. Perhaps they have eased the burden on patients, or helped HCPs navigate the demands of their job, or entered a fruitful collaboration. Through sharing their ideas, we hope you too will be inspired.

The winner of the Most Valuable Patient Initiative award will be an innovative project designed to deliver tangible patient improvements both in the long and short term. Demonstrating a real understanding of the patient requirements prior to implementation, the winning project will have been managed to an outstanding level and will have made an exceptionally positive impact on its intended customer.

Here are the finalists:

Klara, an allergy companion app
The pollen season can be a highly disruptive time for allergy sufferers. Klara is the first allergy companion app to help users mitigate and manage the effects of their allergies through processing pollen, air quality, weather, and user data through algorithms, mapping and machine learning.

Allergy sufferers can use it in a moment of crisis to check the current pollen count and air quality level in their exact location to better manage their allergies on the go. They can quickly deep dive into 3-day forecasts for both or explore the allergy season calendar. It also displays weather information - including temperature, humidity, and wind.

Users can also switch location and check the pollen- and/or air quality forecasts of places they might be traveling to, e.g. their workplace. Moreover, the "Recommended activities" feature helps users to decide what indoor - and outdoor activities to do in their spare time. It takes today's pollen count, air quality level, and the users' specific location into account.

To further personalize the experience, people can log how affected they are by their allergies. This instantly adjusts how the individual will experience the current pollen level. From December onwards, users can compare their logs with the specific pollen counts to see patterns of dominant allergens when having felt most affected. Long term, this insight can teach them about the triggering allergens and how to manage their exposure.

The feedback has been very positive. During the 2018 pollen season, engagement rate of Klara was much higher than other apps in the same category. Klara received great reviews and an overall rating of 4.8/5 in the App Store and Google Play. Additionally, multiple user tests carried out during the project by the app’s patient engagement manager demonstrated solely positive feedback.

Berok Zindagi
In India, 30 million people are diagnosed as asthmatic. Of this, only 10% are on the recommended inhalation therapy. The prevailing perception is that inhalers are a therapy of last resort. This misconception, combined with the cultural stigmatization of ill health, has proven to be a potent cocktail.47% of sufferers fear the stigma more than the disease itself.

As a market leader with a 63% share in inhalation therapy, Cipla needed to tackle both the stigma and misconceptions head-on. It sought to rejuvenate the inhaler image and change public opinion through a multi-channel campaign. Berok zindagi (unstoppable life) became its official tagline.

Cipla believed the inhaler should not be a symbol of weakness or frailty but a symbol of a sufferer’s undeniable resolve. To be independent, to conquer their fears, to enjoy the outdoors.

The campaign spread its message through TV Spots, Cinema, Interactive (Online ads, Website, Social Networking sites), Instore merchandising, PR and Events from 5th November 2017 to 28th January 2018 in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It was timed for Diwali and the winter period—a period when poor air quality and respiratory issues are at their peak.

The campaign had amassed 30 million television views in West Bengal and 47 million views in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It had a digital reach of more than 9 million views.

The result? Societal barriers and social stigma fell by as much as 43%. The misconception that inhalers are strong and only to be used as last resort fell by 25%. Doctors across specialties observed an 8% overall increase in the number of patient inquiries. Patients in the South were more proactive in their inquiries about inhalation therapy.

Across regions, there is a stronger decrease in patients pushing back on inhalation therapy especially in Tier I cities and in the East. 8% overall increase in the number of patients being prescribed inhalation therapy. Quick onset of action a strong driver for inhalation therapy recommendation. Because of better patient awareness, additional time taken for doctors to convince unaware patients improved from 41% to 10%.

Speak your migraine
Novartis and Health Unlimited

Migraine is the world’s third most common disease. Despite its debilitating effects, many suffer in silence, feeling isolated and ill-informed. Novartis recognized that migraine patients needed better understanding and support. It enlisted Unlimited Health to build a robust online support community, with a voice loud enough to overcome the stigma of migraine.   

The campaign consisted of two interconnected platforms, a Facebook community page, which provides an online space for migraine patients to meet and share their experiences, and a main website that serves as a central hub for migraine content, tools and resources. Novartis collaborated with patient advocacy groups who guided the content and informed the website’s tone, look and feel.

To amplify awareness of the campaign, shortly after launch Novartis kicked off with two Facebook Live events (the first of which launched on European Migraine Day of Action) with Women’s Health, focusing on lifestyle topics (work and sleep) for migraine patients. The Facebook Live events were followed by Women’s Health lifestyle articles covering additional migraine-related topics.

The numbers from launch in November 2017 to September 2018 point to the scale of its impact:

  • 51,643 FB page likes achieved; averaging 7,766 new page likes per month.
  • 77,640 FB engagements achieved, which includes 4,000 FB comments and private messages.
  • 446,487 FB users reached on average each month.
  • 324,684 unique visitors to the website.
  • 1,786 downloads / uses of website tools and resources.
  • Over 150 countries reached with paid ad campaign.
  • 10 country-affiliate versions of Speak Your Migraine launched.
  • 682,000 views of hero content with 1,385 shares and 367 comments.
  • 182,204 video views Women’s Health Facebook Live events.
  • 568,373 readers via co-branded online Women’s Health articles.

Air next
Nuvo air

Nuvo air combined cutting-edge technology and a sleek design to create one of the world’s most advanced home-use spirometers. Spirometers are devices that allow users to measure how well their lungs are performing. Air next is an easy to use device for those living with life-long lung conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis.

It measures all of the same parameters that would be recorded by medical professionals for a fraction of the price of most spirometers found in hospitals and other clinical settings.   

This includes the FVC (forced vital capacity) measurement test which shows the volume of air that is exhaled during a forceful complete expiration, starting from a full inspiration. And FEV1 (forced expiratory volume), recorded at the same time, reveals how much air is breathed out in one second. These and other findings reveal how effectively a patient’s lungs work compared to someone of the same age with a ‘normal’ functioning respiratory system

The Air Next device connects wirelessly to an app, forwarding the data from the spirometer to a smartphone or tablet. To operate the Air Next, the user simply blows into the mouthpiece for a few seconds as guided by the app instructions.

The results can be quickly displayed on smart devices in the form of graphs and animations which are simple to understand. Air Next is also connected to a secure and compliant cloud, allowing the patient to access their data whenever they want. It also means they can share it with their health care team too. Aria, the app’s avatar, also has a built-in adherence module, with reminders for medication, activity and spirometry tests.  

Ava the patient chatbot

The PLENVU® patient support package is a suite of digital tools aimed to support patient experience and adherence to bowel preparation prior to colonoscopy, ensuing optimal outcomes and potentially saving lives.  It includes a patient chatbot, SMS / email reminder service and a patient website.  Patients often take their bowel preparations late at night / early in the morning when support from HCP may not be readily available.  These tools provide 24/7 support to patients when they need it most as well supporting HCP instructions and resources.  They ensure that patient have access to reliable information whilst online rather than relying on strangers on the internet.

The PLENVU® patient support package was tested during a patients’ day. The feedback has been encouraging. The Chatbot has only been live for 27 days (time of reporting 27th of November 2018), and yet it is already handling around eight enquiries a day from patients without any direct advertising to patients. Last month traffic on the PLENVU® website totalled 1300 with 55% of those visiting the patient site. 

Your exclusive opportunity to witness these, plus many other real world, successful case studies awaits! Find out more about the Awards Pitch Day Europe here.






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17th annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia (Commercial, Digital and Patients)

Apr 16, 2019 - Apr 17, 2019, Philadelphia

800+ pharma leaders join together to discuss how to revolutionize the patient experience – and, accordingly, their commercial performance.