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What can pharma steal from innovators in other industries to create a total customer experience?

How leading influencer firms have eliminated channel silos to generate customer intelligence

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The RWE Regulatory Evolution

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From seed to fruit: how to grow a patient focused organization

Hear Lode Dewulf, Chief Patient Officer, UCB speak on how to grow a patient focused organization

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Know your customer, know your strategy

Kasia Hein-Peters, VP, Head of Marketing – Dengue Vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur

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Field Force Engagement – do we really know what drives high performance?

Rob Dickerson, Global Associate Director of Learning & Sales Excellence, Novartis

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Reinvent your go-to-market model: the integrated multichannel approach

Markus Kosch, Vice President Oncology Portfolio, Europe, Japan & Developed Asia, Pfizer;...

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Market Access

Cómo alinear las iniciativas de acceso a los pacientes con el plan de salud pública

Andrés Monroy, Director de Acceso, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Achieve long term engagement with patients for holistic healthcare and optimal follow up

Jessica Kolberg, Business Unit Manager, Speciality Care Division Neonatology Oncology, Abbvie

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RWE: from the medical point of view

Pam Bacon, Executive Director, Medical Affairs, Celgene

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Market Access Teams

Michael Blackney, Senior Consultant, Covance Market Access

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How to Successfully Deploy and Measure mHealth Pilots

Moe Alsumidaie, Chief Data Scientist, Annex Clinical

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Informing patients of their clinical trial options: A global investigation into what and where...

Chris Frega, Senior Director and Head of Global Feasibility and Patient Recruitment at Quintiles,...

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CASE STUDY: Witness how Janssen’s piloted online trial advertising initiative is supporting...

Diderik Boot, Director, Clinical Program Leader, Janssen

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Examine the value proposition’s implication on trial design

Mark Behm, Senior Director Quality Assurance, AstraZeneca

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