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Webinar: It's the experience that counts

Join our webinar where we discuss how to look after your customer's journey from start to...

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Webinar: Lean Marketing Innovation for Generics

Join our webinar where we discuss marketing innovation for generics.

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Webinar: What HCPs Want - Data Science to Enhance Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Join our webinar to discuss data science and how to enhance engagement and customer loyalty.

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Webinar: Deeper Patient Insights for Stronger Patient Outcomes

Join this webinar to find out how to deliver deeper patient insights for stronger patient outcomes.

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Gamification and mobile reinforcement

Hear Louella Morton, Vice President of International Sales and General Manager, Qstream

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Chairman's opening remarks

Jeff Gaus, CEO of Prolifiq

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Building a Patient-Centered Capability: The Universal Patient Language

Elizabeth Turcotte, Director, Patient Hub, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Opening Keynote: Australia needs us! Increase pharma’s value, increase value to all Australians

Geoff McDonald, VP & General Manager, GSK Australia Brian Gladsden, Managing Director and...

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Market Access

Value-based contracting- Understand the payer perspective

Omar Ali, Visiting Lecturer, University of Portsmouth & Former Adviser, Adoption & Impact...

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Role of the Patient Advocacy Group in the Reimbursement Process

Katie Murphy, Research and Development Officer, CF Ireland on how to provide evidence of patient...

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The new era in Cancer diagnostics

Mridula Iyer, Director Companion Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics; speaking on the new era in cancer...

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Explore how innovative financing schemes can help you overcome payer budget restrictions

Simone Wyss- Head Global Payer Solutions & Value Demonstration, Takeda; speaking on innovative...

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Panel Discussion: Leveraging an all-stakeholder technology platform for clinical trials

Panellists: Mollie Shields Uehling, President & CEO, SAFE-BioPharma Jason Paragus, Deputy...

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Putting the Patient First in Pediatric Trials

Gretchen Goller, Senior Director, Patient Access and Retention Services, PRA Health Sciences

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Morning Keynote Panel: Data, mHealth, and Wearable Technologies

Panellists: Rob DiCicco, Vice President, Clinical Innovation & Digital Platform Performance...

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Opening address from chairman

Jeremy Wyatt, CTO and Sr. VP of Product Development, ActiGraph; opening remarks

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