Webinar: Tomorrow’s DCTs, today: Define your clinical trial strategy for patient-centric outcomes

Guarantee patient-centered research with agile and streamlined trial operations

To realise the full potential of DCTs and achieve the goal of wholly patient-centric clinical trials, pharma must streamline trial operations. We need to develop robust methodologies for scale, increase trial versatility through RWD to align with evolving patient needs, and establish flexible, regionally appropriate DCT designs that support patient engagement and retention.

Join us for this exclusive Reuters Events webinar, where leading industry experts will discuss how to:

  • Transition your company into one centered around the patient and learn the patient-first mindset, guaranteeing patient-centric trials
  • Evolve your decentralised trial strategy in alignment with changing scalability and compliance considerations, to remain agile in the face of impending change
  • Develop trial flexibility, design efficiency, and unique RWE endpoints through standardised and tested innovations
  • Ensure smooth interoperable data transmissions across the company's digital innovation and health networks for streamlined trials
  • Enable data collection, analysis, and evidence generation that aligns with recent regulatory guidance on patient-focused drug development and endpoint strategy, especially endpoints assessed by clinical outcome assessments (COAs)

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