Multichannel Marketing 2014

Sep 17, 2014 - Sep 18, 2014, London

Drive Customer Value Through Digital Transformation

Digital Transformations Twitter Discussion: The best bits

Last week we had a very lively, interactive and insightful twitter Q&A with Mike Bellis @PharmaCXM Senior EU Customer Experience Manager, Pfizer and Tim White @tmwlu Senior Director and Head of Global Customer Interaction Management, Lundbeck on what is required to drive digital transformations

You can read the full twitter discussion here , but given it went on over several days (instead of the allotted 30 minutes – such was the interest in the topic!) we thought we would summarize the best bits for you here.

Excitement was building.


The challenge of employees on social media channels

Mike: Great Q! I would love to see this as would help to have a presence for colleagues in this space. A clear case for the value would need to be made to MLR, plus colleagues should probably not sell!! But could offer customers a lot of value outside of traditional 'sales', knowing customer needs essential


Making great customer experience a reality

Tim: Great customer experience starts with insight into the needs/problems of HCPs and patients, then solving those the way that is most preferable to them; this is certainly achievable, we just have to stop putting brands 1st


Regulations and social media

Tim: Regulatory does make it very challenging and we only do what we can. But this has to evolve over time as patients become more empowered through social, regulatory will need to adapt. There are lots of recent FDA guidelines which are certainly a start. It will be interesting to see how this develops. It will be years before we see changes but it will happen this world isn't going away and the disruption will require these changes.

Mike: Not currently! We have to try and make changes customer expectation will mean we will sooner or later.


Social listening: How to add value

Mike: Social listening provides awesome ways of getting customer feedback. It is essential in measuring. Systems need to aggregate and monitor sentiment to develop insight but they can have multiple uses.


Leadership lack digital experience

Tim: Pharma leadership didn't grow up in the digital era, so education and engagement are key; bringing this to their terms.

Other agreed and added their experiences….


Do pharma marketeers have the skills to drive digital transformations?

Responding to a comment made that pharma marketers lack the relevant IT skills to stay ahead of the game, Tim pointed out:


Implementing digital in a non-digital organization

Mike: There are plenty of these! Many scars exist from naively implemented campaigns / projects. Often it needs someone to take a step back and assess the business model - Push vs. pull, then look at strategy which places customer value at centre, and have great customer metrics to test and learn!


Adapting to digital natives

Tim: We should remember that patients and HCPs are people and interact with content like all people of similar demographic so building for digital native HCPs or patients means first building content that serves needs for these people.


…And finally


To continue these discussions, and join in many more, on the issues that matter the most to customer experience, attend the eyeforpharma Multichannel Marketing Conference on 17-18th September in London. To find out more click here.

Tim White will be speaking about how to move your organisation into a cross-channel world – More details here

Mike Bellis will discuss whether your customers really want you and ways to create a smooth transition from ‘push’ to ‘customer-engineered’ – More details here

Multichannel Marketing 2014

Sep 17, 2014 - Sep 18, 2014, London

Drive Customer Value Through Digital Transformation