UCB win Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service Award for their smart tactics to improve access to innovative medicines for Epilepsy patients.

The 2016 eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards saw pharma’s top 20 companies compete across five categories with a huge range of patient and customer-centric innovations.

Submissions for the Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service Award included outstanding projects from Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer and Allergen rethinking possibilities around patient adherence, supply-chain quality and open-innovation.

However, UCB beat the others to the award for their project ‘The Report Cards’ that is working to create access to new medicines for Epilepsy patients. The program was launched in response to a crisis in high hospitalizations with Epilepsy patients, with data showing that 1/3 of patients were not in control of their seizures.

UCB partnered with the Epilepsy Foundation to score each state across the US on their performance in care outcomes for Epilepsy care.

They combined this with a secondary strategy to launch peer-reviewed research documenting the impact thataccess to newer anti-epileptic therapies and specialty care has on care outcomes.

Through combing concrete evidence for the solution with a transparent exposition of underperforming states, UCB and Epilepsy Foundation created a solid foundation of resource for grassroots actors to lobby and press for change within local legislative bodies.

By celebrating positive progress like this project, the eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards recognizes those in the pharmaceutical industry that are driving pharma forwards. We celebrate those who aren’t just chasing higher short-term profits, but who are investing in better customer innovation, value and outcomes leading to longer-term success.

This is part of our mission is to make the pharmaceutical industry more open and valued, which means these awards are a literal translation of why we exist. It is our responsibility to shine a light on where pharma does well, to inspire others into similar or better action.

For more information, contact: Emma Goldman, Awards Director, egoldman@eyeforpharma.com+44 (0) 207 375 4312

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