TransCelerate wins ‘Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration’ in a victory for cross-industry collaboration at the eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards 2016.

Although it is well established that Pharma there are many areas where the industry would gain from better coordination and sharing of resources, these conversations have historically been quagmired by political difference and corporation bureaucracy.

In response to crisis in R&D, Transcelerate was formed by 19 of the biggest pharma companies, with the objective to find areas of for shared research and collaboration, and accelerate patient-centric innovation.

When Transcelate was first launched in 2012 many panned its chances for success, yet it has confounded critics to facilitate multiple landmark agreements that are already laying the foundations for a brighter industry future. 

The steering committee has managed to unite participants and broker close partnerships with the FDA and EU regulators to advance clinical science. Guidelines have been issued for data collection, risk-based monitoring and trial protocol. In addition, the coalition has prioritised support for clinical site investigators. Training procedures and data entry platforms have been standardised, giving considerable support to an overworked function.

In advice for others looking to achieve the impossible, TransCelerate attribute to their success to three principles: leadership buy-in, unity around a single stakeholder and discipline in scoping realistic projects

By shining a spotlight on this landmark industry collaboration and the winners in other categories, eyeforpharma aims to evangelize these patient-centric values, and encourages other healthcare actors to celebrate ideas that put the patient before profits.

The winning projects were selected from hundreds of initiatives from across the USA, and announced yesterday at the 2nd annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards ceremony.  

For more information, contact: Emma Goldman, Awards Director, (0) 207 375 4312

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