Pharma’s Transformation through Automation

One third of all initial cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments in pharma fail. Worst of all, the mistakes made in these deployments are totally AVOIDABLE.


Which is why we decided to pull pharma and medical device RPA experts together to show you how to keep clear of such mistakes – by exploring effective approaches and best practices – and present them in this exclusive paper. Learn how your staff can be relieved from drudgery, augment their capacity, and unleash creativity with RPA in life sciences.

Insights from this white paper includes:

  • Understand what RPA is and what the possibilities are for life science companies
  • Discover Pharma’s RPA journey so far – and what leading companies are doing right now
  • Learn from past mistakes, and success stories of RPA deployment – so your RPA deployments can thrive.

Pharma’s Transformation through Automation white paper includes case studies from BD and Boston Scientific, 16 pages of unique insight into this emerging topic area and 10 interviews with key industry players including Deloitte, Automation Anywhere and BD.

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