Digital Therapeutics: pharma’s threat or opportunity

Digital medicine has become an everyday reality and to celebrate such a fundamental innovation in healthcare, we looked into three successful digital therapeutics that do away with pills altogether.

Insights from the white paper include:

  • Reset: A mobile app treating Substance Use Disorder (SUD) developed by Pear Therapeutics aiming to improve the lives of patients, clinicians and payers alike.
  • Tinnitracks: Med-tech company Sonormed, aims to treat the ailments of tinnitus patients. 
  • Deprexis: GAIA’s online program for the treatment of depression brought through the market through Servier, to help users asses their situation and develop effective ways to cope and to feel better.

Digital Therapeutics: pharma’s threat or opportunity white paper includes insights from Sanofi, Propeller Health, S3 Connected Health, Otsuka, Kaia Health, Silvercloud Health, Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Pear Therapeutics and MySugr.

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