Defragmenting Data for the Future of Pharma R&D

Defragmenting data will enable you to ask the right questions, using all of your data, whether internal or external, clinical or real-world evidence (RWE) to bring about innovation and accelerate time-to-insight.

Insights from this white paper include:

  • Create more efficient and effective R&D in a world without data silos 
  • Avoid data swamps – how to ensure intelligent database design for agile use of your data asset
  • Understand solutions to increase internal and external data integration, and causes of the current defragmented system
  • How to enact an organisation-wide approach to data and an IT architecture that enables this

Defragmenting Data for the Future of Pharma R&D white paper includes insights from Janssen, Sanofi, MarkLogic, Boehringer and AbbVie.

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