Webinar: How pharma can find a competitive advantage by reshaping the product, the company, and the market

Drive value, trust and performance through novel product and digital ecosystem investments

Right now, pharma companies have an opportunity to gain significant competitive advantage -- simply by focusing on value-based care, elevated customer experiences and personalization. It’s an opportunity that is simple to identify, but difficult to capitalize on. Organizations will need to source and embed new models that both generate additional revenue streams and support a patient-centric mindset and customer-first approach. 

The difficulty comes in working across so many competitive dimensions at the same time -- optimizing current revenues today while building the next generation of products and the business models of tomorrow. How do you reshape the product, the company, and the market -- separately but simultaneously? And how do you manage the drastically different timelines required to accomplish each of these three things without losing track of the big picture?

Watch this on-demand webinar with valuable learnings from pharma leaders and learn how to:

  • Optimize existing revenue streams through omnichannel engagement, elevated patient experiences and value-based care.
  • Operate with a more agile operating model for faster, data-driven decision-making and commercial execution while aligning process, increasing collaboration, and driving to a culture based on shared incentives.
  • Unlock new revenue streams by co-creating products through partnerships and collaborations across the healthcare ecosystem to bring innovations in cell and gene therapy, digital therapeutics, and behavioral health to market.

Find out more about gaining competitive advantage with Cognizant LIfe Sciences here. 

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