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Mar 19, 2013 - Mar 21, 2013, Barcelona, Spain

Put the all-powerful customer at the centre.

Special Report - Sales Force Focus (Full Series)

In Sales Force Focus, Marie Crespo takes us through each stage of the recruitment and talent management process that is key to your sales force success!

The final installment of our Sales Force Focus series was published on 25th September, with five articles spread over a 10 week period, the series highlighted exactly the considerations you need to concentrate on in order to truly build the sales force you so desire, including talent management, staff retention, recruitment and sales force effectiveness metrics. To mark the end of this five part series, we've collected each episode below in an easy to navigate list:

Part 1 - Role-Fit is Key to Sales Force Success

In the first installment of Sales Force Focus, Marie Crespo focussed on potentially the most vital issue facing today's sales teams - ensuring you've got the right person in the right job. With sales practices in a continual state of evolution in today's market, it is vital to recognise that the ability to perform well in one role doesn’t imply a salesperson will be successful in another...

Part 2 - A Route Map to Strategic Sales Change

The second article in the Sales Force Focus series examines how to plan your approach to future sales excellence. In Marie's own words: "It seems an obvious point: you wouldn’t set off on a long-distance hike without a map, and you’d make sure you could pinpoint your start point and destination on that map before setting out. In business, the same holds true"...

Part 3 - Hiring the High-Flyers

Over recent years, sales-specific candidate assessment tools have come on in leaps and bounds, and it seems assessment has finally come of age in the world of talent management. We've looked at the importance of role-fit and how to plot your future sales strategy based on your resources, it's now time to examine where (and how) you can recruit those high performers and the metrics you should be focussing on when beginning this journey!

Part 4 - The Shared Development Journey

Effective sales talent assessment is the key to putting all the pieces together, with its ability to gather relevant data, identify significant competency gaps and facilitate a winning talent management strategy. And what pharma is learning is that the status quo is unsustainable. Its commercial model is having to change dramatically: simply trying to sell more of the same, selling harder but in the same way, just won’t cut it anymore...

Part 5 - Hang onto Your Hats (And Your Best People), This Ride is Going to get Bumpy!

The importance of retaining top talent is more acute than ever today. One issue is the sheer cost of staff turnover and routinely replacing lost talent; another is a severe shortage of the right kind of talent making top people hard to replace; a third is the lost opportunity cost due to the disruption caused by talent turnover, particularly in sales; and a fourth is the likelihood of revenue following the sales talent, particularly at the highest levels. Running through all this is the fundamental issue of identifying exactly what top talent looks like, and where to find it...

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eyeforpharma Barcelona

Mar 19, 2013 - Mar 21, 2013, Barcelona, Spain

Put the all-powerful customer at the centre.