Special report: Pharma and social media

In this special report, eyeforpharma examines the ways pharma can use social media to engage patients, customers, and payers

Patients, social media, and adverse event reporting

Andrew Tolve explores social media strategies that can help pharma firms gain real-world data to improve health outcomes—and corporate images

Pharma marketing research and Web 2.0

Andrew Tolve investigates the value of the Internet as a pharma marketing research medium

Pharma marketing and social media

Andrew Tolve reports on best practice in deploying social media for pharma marketing

Patients, social games and pharma

How pharma can use ‘gamification’ to boost adherence and improve the bottom line

9 ways your pharma firm can overcome barriers to participating in social media

How pharma companies can get social media right

Ten reasons your pharma firm isnt participating in social media

Why are so many companies so slow to integrate social media into the marketing mix?

Social media forums and the pharma industry

Andrew Tolve reports on how independent online forums can provide insights on what physicians and patients are thinking.

Dr. Bates Talkback: Building brands and boosting sales with Twitter

Dr. Andree K. Bates suggests ways Twitter can be used as a valuable marketing channel

Get ready for CRM 2.0

Andrew Tolve explores why social and mobile media are the next frontiers in customer relationship management (CRM)

What tablets can do for pharma CRM

Andrew Tolve explores how mobile digital solutions can enhance CRM effectiveness

How pharma can make the most of social media

Gillian Tachibana, head of e-media/social media within Merck KGaA’s Merck Serono division, on how pharma is using social media—and how it can use it better

How pharma can utilize Google+

Branded pages are coming to Google+. What does it mean for pharma?

Pharma marketing and social media: Dont wait for the FDA

Even in the absence of FDA social media guidelines, there is still a lot pharma marketers can do

Pharma marketing: How to be ‘social’ in Brazil

Though the Internet is not quite a mass medium yet, Brazilians are very open to interacting with brands via social media

Pharma marketing: China’s digital discrepancy

Treat China like China. In fact, treat all local markets as unique

How to get ROI from social media

Graeme Foux explains the competitive advantage that can result from integrating social media into your business.

Marketing and social media: A success story

What the pharma industry can learn from In-Bed, Bayer Scherings award-winning online marketing campaign for Levitra.

Pharma sales: Focus on the mobile opportunity

Andrew Tolve explores three things pharma can do to capitalize on mobile sales opportunities

How the pharma sector benefits from social media

If implemented correctly, social media can deliver strong returns on investment in terms of customer loyalty, brand promotion and awareness campaigns.

Podcast: Pharma, social media and data analytics

Alex Gochtovtt, principal with Cognizant’s enterprise analytics practice, discusses pharma’s social media opportunities and the importance of data analytics

Another look at customer centricity

Melonie Warfel, director, Life Sciences Industry Solutions, Pegasystems, on how to foster a culture of business transformation

How to connect with physicians online

What social sites physicians use—and why they use them

Patients’ Week 2011: Social media and the empowered patient

Andrew Tolve reports on how pharma can stop fearing social media and start using it to help patients—and themselves

Liberate your data now!

How to use social media to activate a community around a rare disease

Pharma forecasting: The changing role of patients

Milos Graonic, senior vice president, global leader of Nielsen BASES Pharmaceutical Practice, on how to mine patient data for forecasting insights

Social media: A tool for clinical trial recruitment?

Andrew Tolve reports on how pharma firms are using social media to recruit patients for clinical trialsand speed time to market

Pharma and social media: How to add value

Pharma can gain social media credibility by partnering with trust agents

Whats next for marketing and social media?

How will European pharma firms connect with physicians and patients online in the future?

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