Special report: Pharma and the iPad

In this special report, eyeforpharma investigates how a strategic understanding of mobile solutions can improve customer outreach and drive competitive advantage

Pharma sales and the digital rep

Peter Mansell talks to Andreas Claus Kistner, Roche’s global head of commercial architecture, about how reps are using mobile technology for better value sales calls

Ten commandments for iPads in pharma sales

Alex Brock, a consultant withBlue Latitude, on how to get the most out of iPads for pharma sales

Will the iPad kickstart a pharma sales and marketing revolution?

Andrew Tolve explores how firms are using the iPad to enhance the effectiveness of sales and marketing presentations

Future pharma: Making the most of the tablet takeover

Andrew Tolve explores how pharma firms are using the iPad 2 and other tablets to maximize sales and marketing potential

Pharma goes mobile: Making the most of the app opportunity

As smartphones and tablets take over, pharma needs a strategic understanding of how mobile solutions improve customer outreach and drive competitive advantage

Pharma sales: Focus on the mobile opportunity

Andrew Tolve explores three things pharma can do to capitalize on mobile sales opportunities

Pharma sales: How simulation helps reps sell

Andrew Tolve explores how ‘selling simulators’—realistic virtual encounters with physicians—can help reps achieve real sales growth

Pharma sales reps and the e-training alternative

Andrew Tolve examines how virtual sales training can boost selling skills—and save money

Future pharma: Pharma marketing gets virtual

Claudia M. Caruana explores how new technology can help sales reps and marketers reach busy healthcare professionals

Get ready for CRM 2.0

Andrew Tolve explores why social and mobile media are the next frontiers in customer relationship management (CRM)

What tablets can do for pharma CRM

Andrew Tolve explores how mobile digital solutions can enhance CRM effectiveness

Future pharma: Pharmas new high-tech toolkit

Claudia M. Caruana examines innovative new ways pharma is using technology to combat counterfeiting, share data, refine sales techniques, and improve R&D

Future Pharma: A closer look at the iPad in pharma/physician relations

Wendy Blackburn explores how physicians are taking to the iPad and why they still need old-fashioned pharma sales reps

Time to mobilize your marketing resources

Smartphone and iPad use among physicians is rising fast

When does a smartphone become a medical device?

Eileen OBrien on how the FDA might regulate apps and other mobile health solutions

Tablets and security

How to protect the data on your iPad2

Patients’ Week 2011: Using technology to improve adherence

Eric Boothe, director business development for Life Sciences, on how the Healh 2.0 movement can help boost adherence

Patients' Week 2011: Make the waiting room a digital classroom

Why is time spent in a doctor's waiting room such a waste of time? Jeanne Barnett explains how pharma can help make it worth the wait for patients

From ePRO to iPRO: The effect of iPads on adherence and clinical trials

Mary Wieder of Arithmos explores the benefits of using mobile technology for patient-recorded outcomes and clinical trials

What can pharma learn from Quora?

Andrew Tolve explores the potential of the online Q&A site Quora as a sales and marketing resource for the pharma industry

Future pharma: What near field communication (NFC) means for pharma

John Hendel outlines how **near field communication (NFC) technology can enhance information sharing, improve inventory tracking, and help reduce adverse drug reactions

How Quick Response codes can help pharma engage with patients

Jeanne Barnett explores the ways Quick Response (QR) codes can create engagement and communities around products

Special report: Mobile apps and pharma

As smartphones and tablets take over, eyeforpharma explores how a strategic understanding of mobile solutions can improve customer outreach and drive competitive advantage for the pharma industry

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