Patients' Week 2011: Put patients at the heart of the healthcare system

Every drug that hits the market intends to improve patient health or mitigate patient pain, and the value of those drugs largely depends on how well they deliver on that purpose.


Yet patients remain one of the most poorly understood stakeholders in the Pharma Market. Although social media and the mobile revolution have brought thousands of patients together and created an opportunity for pharma companies to forge valuable partnerships, most pharma companies have failed to capitalize. As a result, what patients need and how to meet those needs remains murky for the industry.

eyeforpharma's Patients' Week 2011, which runs from September 19th- 23rd, will provide clarification. Hosted at eyeforpharma's website-the week will include a compelling mix of articles, podcasts, interviews, blog posts, and webinars that examine the patient-pharma partnership against the Health 2.0 backdrop. The week will also present features of patients like Dave deBronkart (e-Patient Dave) and Sara Riggare (a champion of the Parkinson's Movement), who have overcome the odds to beat diseases and become leading patient advocates in the online world.

"Understanding the dynamic of patients has become just as important as understanding the dynamics of payers and buyers," argues Di Stafford, founding director of The Patient Practice, who, along with other thought leaders on the patient-pharma front, will share insights throughout the week.

Last year, eyeforpharma's first annual Patients' Week received a huge readership and following with hundreds of mentions on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. This year's event is bigger, with more articles, interviews, and interactive features.

The week will begin on the 19th with an hour-long free webinar about establishing and maintaining partnerships to impact patient adherence. The webinar is supported by Quintiles and features guest speaker Jo Scanzillo, Manager, Nursing Servies, EMD Serono. Places in the live webinar are limited and attendees will be granted access on a first-come-first-served basis.

"Our experience into customized patient adherence plans based on assessment shows us that the personalized approach is imperative if the pharma industry wants to evolve and develop. We are really excited to share these ideas in our upcoming webinar and will be offering listeners our unique perspective on the subject" Valerie Metil, RN, BSN, Senior Director of Operations, Quintiles

In-depth features will follow throughout the week focused around the topic of Health 2.0. Harnessing the world of apps and mobile devices like smartphones, patients can improve their lives by staying healthy, preempting disease, and better managing chronic conditions. Patients' Week 2011 will explore how patients and pharma alike can participate in the Health 2.0 movement for their mutual benefit.

"Pharma can harness Health 2.0 to match drugs more effectively to the appropriate market of individuals," says Esther Dyson, a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist in preemptive health. "Ultimately, they can help lead the charge or they can get left behind."

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