The Patient Summit 2014

Jun 17, 2014 - Jun 18, 2014, London

An integrated approach to patient-centric outcomes

6 Top Apps or Initiatives for Enhanced Healthcare

Patients and HCPs currently face a dizzying array of healthcare apps which can be used as part of their wellness, prevention or treatment regimens. eyeforpharma have selected the top 6 which stand out in terms of innovation and enhanced patient care.

Angelini, Italy – PAINab App

In March 2010, the Italian Parliament approved a pain care law (N.38/2010) that assures the right of patients to pain therapy. However, implementation has been sluggish due in part to the lack of physician tools for pain assessment. Angelini’s PAINab app addresses this need by providing a tool that is easy-to-use and available in all point-of-care situations for both GPs and specialists.

Available for iOS and Android platforms, the physician enters a unique medical credential key after download to enable the app. PAINab provides several scales for the physician to assess the patient’s pain intensity. The complete patient assessment can be downloaded as a pdf available for email. Additional scales are expected to launch in 2014, as well as feedback channels to support further development.

ASD Healthcare, USA – Cubixx project

Utilizing similar tracing radio frequency technology that is found in many hotel mini-bar fridges, ASD developed Cubixx to identify and track refrigerated inventory.

The tiny silicone chips receive and decode data as the product moves through the supply chain, including storage in and removal from the Cubixx unit. The system provides lower cost and increased efficiency by automatically producing purchase orders and managing inventor.

Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany – Respimat Inhalation Demonstrator

Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany and Bang & Olufsen Medicom developed the Respimat Inhalation Demonstrator app for iOS. Designed for HCPs, the app provides medical information on the next generation device and facilitates physicians training patients on how to use Respimat. What makes the Respimat Demonstrator stand-out compared to other comparable apps: it enables inhaler interaction – a key issue, provides hands-on experience with an intuitive interface and it is available at no additional cost.

Eli Lilly, Denmark – ED Web App

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a challenging topic for patients to discuss with their physicians. To support these conversations, Eli Lilly, Denmark worked with digital agency, Vertic Healthcare to develop the ED web app. Using non-branded information, the ED web app provides information for the healthcare professional prior to the patient consultation. Following the consultation, relevant information can be sent to the patient based on the discussion facilitating informed choices about treatment options and building trust.

The George Institute of Global Health, Australia – FoodSwitch App

Although grocery food products list ingredients and nutritional information, these can be challenging for the public to interpret. The George Institute of Global Health developed the app FoodSwitch to address this issue, helping the public to prevent disease through making wiser food choices. Two years post-launch, totals have reached over 450,000 downloads with 500 photos per day contributed. Not only does this help to keep the database up-to-date, the George Institute is working with the Australian government using the data to track food health trends.

A similar positive reception followed its New Zealand launch and the UK launch is planned for early 2014, with further country and scope expansion planned.

Sanofi, France – Seprafilm Virtual Training Tool

To inform physicians in a fun, innovative way about a new product, in 2012 Sanofi developed a surgical Seprafilm training program using Microsoft X-Box Kinect. With partner Inhance, Sanofi developed the Seprafilm Virtual Training Tool (SVTT) to guide surgeons on correct Seprafilm placement. SVTT has reduced the average number of times a sales rep attends the OR for surgeon training from eight to three or four. In December 2013, PM360 Magazine highlighted the SVTT as one of the most innovative products of the year ( Marketed by 150 US sales reps, Sanofi plans a global SVTT rollout with Japan, France, Germany and Singapore scheduled.

All these initiatives are finalists in the “Most Valuable HCP or Healthcare Initiative” category at the eyeforpharma Awards which were held on 18th March in Barcelona. More information about these industry-leading initiatives can be found here -

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The Patient Summit 2014

Jun 17, 2014 - Jun 18, 2014, London

An integrated approach to patient-centric outcomes