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May 2, 2013 - May 3, 2013, Philadelphia

Understand the patient journey to build better adherence and engagement platforms

The 6 most valuable patient initiatives or services we have seen so far in 2014

Without doubt, a patient who takes responsibility and ownership of their own healthcare and thus has a sense of control over their own medical destiny, has provided pharmaceutical companies with both challenges and amazing opportunities to be able to support long-term care and patient outcomes.

The “empowered patient” is a phrase that is now firmly entrenched in every pharma execs vocabulary. This has led to some innovative and powerful initiatives from pharma companies.

Here is our pick of the best ones eyeforpharma has seen so far this year.

Astellas Pharma, UK – Overactive Bladder Awareness program

Less than half of the 7.5 million UK overactive bladder sufferers (OAB) have consulted their GP about their symptoms. Astellas Pharma collaborated with The Bladder and Bowel Foundation ( ) to increase awareness through a multi-targeted campaign over five years. The Foundations has had a 120% rise in web hits and a 150% increase in calls to the charity’s clinical helpline.

Astellas Pharma, UK –Rapid Access Urology Clinic

In a region with 20% higher urology outpatient attendance and 400% higher consultant-to-consultant referral than the UK national average, Astellas Pharma increased assessment and intervention through their Rapid Access Urology Clinic initiative.

The one-year pilot project streamlined assessment leading to 95% of patients being seen within 10 working days, no appointments cancelled or changed by the provider and 75% of patients willing to recommend the service.

Bayer Healthcare, Turkey – Don’t Leave Love to Luck App

Bayer Healthcare, Turkey met the challenge of increasing birth control and menstrual cycle awareness in a discreet and socially acceptable manner with their Don’t Leave Love to Luck app for iOS.

The Don’t Leave Love to Luck app became the number one healthcare app in Turkey with more than 35,000 downloads in three months and a 5/5 rating. It now achieves 250 daily downloads on average. The Don’t Leave Love to Luck campaign demonstrates how pharma can make a significant societal contribution to healthcare, moving well beyond the pill.

Bayer Healthcare, USA – Rosacea Concierge

To support Rosacea patients, Bayer Healthcare, USA created Rosecea Concierge – a program that includes 24/7 nurse specialist phone support, video content, information and useful tools. Rosecea Concierge members refill prescriptions three times more than non-members leading to superior compliance and symptom control.

MSD Pharmaceuticals, India – SPARSH diabetes program

MSD Pharmaceuticals developed a support program for Indian type-2 diabetes patients; SPARSH has counseled more than 35,000 patients through a 70-strong counselor team.

Sparsh Healthline website

Patients receive tailored guidance on diabetes awareness, life-style changes and proactive disease management. Future development plans include texts, video content and QR coded information to enhance patient engagement.

Pfizer, Hong Kong – Kezzler PASS project

Initially an anti-counterfeiting initiative, Pfizer, Hong Kong’s Kezzler PASS project enables patients to verify medications through SMS or online kezzlercodes, dosage, batch number, expiration and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). The project resulted in a 40% drop in counterfeit medications in one year.

All these initiatives are finalists in the “Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service” category at the eyeforpharma Awards on 18th March in Barcelona. More information about these industry-leading initiatives can be found here -

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Patient Summit USA

May 2, 2013 - May 3, 2013, Philadelphia

Understand the patient journey to build better adherence and engagement platforms