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Patient engagement: Breaking through in digital

Andrew Stone, (Oct 14, 2020)

The pandemic is serving as an accelerated lesson in the possibilities of digital engagement. Now pharma must work out how to harness its full potential
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Amplifying the patient voice in rare disease access

Elly Aylwin-Foster, (Oct 2, 2020)

Rare disease patients are organising like never before, turning up the publicity volume and becoming ever more active in driving cures in the lab and even the boardroom
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From complexity to clarity in cell and gene therapy

Andrew Stone, (Sep 16, 2020)

Breakthrough CGT therapies are coming thick and fast, now pharma must work on multiple fronts to educate non-specialist stakeholders about their exciting possibilities
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The future of Medical Affairs: A virtual Q&A with Charlotte Kremer

Andrew Stone, (Sep 10, 2020)

The Astellas head of medical affairs follows up with answers to questions during her virtual keynote earlier this year
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Survey results: Accelerating digital transformation during COVID-19

Nicola Davies, (Sep 4, 2020)

View the results of a survey of over 1000 pharma executives on the impact COVID-19 has had and will have on their operations
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The future of medical congresses

Katie Osborne, (Aug 18, 2020)

The mega congresses of the past look likely to make way for more virtual, focused and, probably, hybrid physical/digital events
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Patient centricity: Mind the capacity gap

Lucy Fulford, (Jul 21, 2020)

If pharma wants patients and patient groups capable of working with it at every stage of the drug development process it must listen to, and contribute to training and funding them
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What patients need right now

Andrew Stone, (Jul 7, 2020)

In the face of massive patient need, there’s plenty pharma can do to help. The crisis is also an opportunity for it to transform the way it works with patients.
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The emerging patient-centricity landscape in Japan

Lucy Fulford, (Jun 9, 2020)

Change is happening in patient engagement as Japan's pharma pioneers begin to lay strong foundations for a richer future
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Building a bridge to a COVID-19 vaccine

Andrew Stone, (Apr 15, 2020)

Regeneron shares its latest progress on therapies for the pandemic at eyeforpharma Philadelphia virtual