Small Modular Reactors

UK hikes SMR funding to accelerate first reactor selection

Dec 6, 2015

The UK government's decision to raise nuclear R&D spending and launch a Small Modular Reactor competition propels the UK towards the first Generic Design Assessment from...

Areva to supply SMR fuel; US’ Vogtle gains permit; China eyes 110 reactors

Dec 6, 2015

Nuclear power news you need to know.

UK SMR design filings must focus on back-up systems, spent fuel to curb approval costs

Nov 20, 2015

Significant UK licencing challenges remain for Small Modular Reactor developers as the lower output capacities of modular-built units will offer limited scope for streamlining the...

NuScale targets SMR cost below $90/MWh on wider deployment

Nov 3, 2015

US Small Modular Reactor developer NuScale aims to use advanced manufacturing techniques, savings on facility costs and economies of scale to lower the Levelized Cost of Electricity of...

NuScale Outlines Multiple Applications of Low Cost SMR Plants

Aug 27, 2015

Nuclear Energy Insider attended an industry briefing at NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) test site in Oregon and witnessed major interest from politicians and financers in what is...

NRC responds on SMRs; UN backs Iran deal; Russia, Saudi Arabia sign accord

Aug 21, 2015

NRC revises emergency rules for Small Reactors

New plant siting guidelines respond to growing SMR demand

Jul 21, 2015

The Electric Power Research Institute has published new siting guidelines for nuclear plants which include specific recommendations for the growing Small Modular Reactor market and...

North America's private sector invests over $1 bil in new high-spec plants

Jul 15, 2015

Nuclear power’s competitiveness is set to hike as a new generation of industry experts and investors prepare to commercialize advanced nuclear technology, Third Way, a centrist public...

GUEST ARTICLE: UK must stop ‘Braxton Hicks’ approach to nuclear to meet energy security targets

Mar 31, 2015

Andrew Renton, Partner, Commercial, Bird & Bird: “Although nuclear power is probably the cheapest, large-scale, low-carbon electricity source, it is not without problems and the...