Security experts clinch conference contract

QG Management Standards has been appointed as technical advisors for a large nuclear conference.

By Antonia Stuart

The Carlisle-based firm will act as advisors to panellists and speakers at the upcoming Nuclear Knowledge Management and Cyber Security Conference on June 17 and 18 at the Cardiff Hilton.

The company will ensure that all of the information at the event is up to date and correct for the audience and lend their experience and knowledge as one of the leading cyber security firms in the UK.

Managing director, Brian Lightowler and chief information security advisor, Tony Wilson will attend the conference doing workshops with attendees to show how they can ensure that their supply chain is protected in the event of a devastating cyber attack.

Mr Lightowler explained how their new role came to be: “This all sprang from the event that we held in Bolton earlier in the year, the organisers behind this new conference saw how well we’d organised that event and they were really interested in how we’d got such great speakers.

“We’re going to be making sure that what the businesses at the conference are given is at the right level, and most up to date, so that the conference is not using old data.

“We’ll also be at the event giving workshops to businesses about how the Cyber Essentials tools can protect larger businesses in the event of a cyber attack by ensuring the security of their supply chain.”

QG Management Standards specialise in ensuring the security of businesses by assessing the supply chain and leaving none of the most common sources for cyber attacks open; such as ensuring software patches are up to date, that routers are secure and not left open, or even the relatively simple password protection.

Mr Lightowler said: “Cyber attacks are a part of business life now, 81 per cent of large businesses have an attack and so do 60 per cent of smaller businesses and the cost to any organisation could be huge.

“The average cost of their worst cyber attack could cost a large organisation could be between £600,000 and £1.15 million, for smaller businesses it is £65,000 and £115,000.

“Some businesses might not realise they’ve had an attack, and might just not be aware that the money has even gone missing”

The Nuclear Knowledge Management and Cyber Security Conference will take place at the Cardiff Hilton on June 17 and 18. For more information, please visit:, or contact Mike Vickery at