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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… Per click revenues on Pinterest beat Twitter and Facebook [T]here is no doubt that F-commerce is here, b...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

Per click revenues on Pinterest beat Twitter and Facebook

Pinterest LogoThere is no doubt that F-commerce is here, but still lacks industry standard metrics to show the world what social media is actually delivering revenue to the companies that use these platforms.

Recently given the accolade as the third largest social media platform in the US by Experian, Pinterest seems to be gaining the lion’s share of revenue as well. Convertro CEO Jeff Zwelling recently told the VentureBeat blog:

“In Q2 2011 represented 1.2% of social media revenue for e-commerce sites. It now represents 17.4% and is quickly gaining on Facebook. (That shift from 1.2% to 17.4% is based on measurements we made across 40 of our client sites — most of which are top 500 Internet retailers.)

“We project Pinterest will be responsible for 40% of social media e-commerce transactions by end of Q2 2012, reducing Facebook’s share to slightly under 60% from 86% a year ago. If you measure the big three social media sites on a 'First Touch' revenue per click basis, Pinterest is the clear winner," beating Twitter by more than 400% and Facebook by 27%.”

Of course Pinterest is the new kid on the block, but with growth figures like these, and the fact that retailers are adding ‘Pinit’ buttons to their product pages as fast as their CMS systems can refresh says a lot about the commercial pedigree that Pinterest is showing.

House of horrors video campaign from LogoThe price comparison site is using the power of video linked to its Facebook presence to highlight the importance of having adequate home insurance. Dubbed the House of Horrors, the app was created by A Social Media Agency and forms part of the company’s overall digital media strategy.

Using Facebook, visitors are asked to enter their postcode. This is used to generate a video featuring their own house from Google’s Street View service. Images from their Facebook account are then used to populate picture frames to drive home the video’s message. The level of personalisation is designed to make an individual connection with viewers via their social media activity.

The app, and that used by Rentokil in a similar way, raises awareness without using hard selling techniques that are not appropriate in the social media space. Insurance may not be the sexiest subject on the planet, but innovative use of technology shows even the most mundane subject can be engaging across the social media environment if handled correctly. have also been using Pinterest with a new competition that highlights the dangers to women of driving with high heels. The Driving in Heel competition as visitors to pin images of their most extravagent heels to a special Pinterest pinboard.

Head of Content at Sharon Flaherty told eConsultancy: “We feel really strongly about producing great content and over the last two years have built a talented in-house editorial team. Seeding our content socially is just one part of our content strategy. Testing, learning and playing in new social media platforms is another.”

Social login now demanded for e-commerce sites

Social Login InfographicA trend is emerging where online shoppers are increasingly demanding to use their social media login details. One of the main reasons that billion of pounds is lost each year through abandoned shopping carts is the need to constantly open accounts and login.

A new infographic from Monetate clearly illustrates that this trend will continue. E-commerce sites would do well to pay close attention and start to offer login integrated with social media. Monetate commented: “Social commerce is much more than a Facebook store or attributing a sale to an inbound channel like Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. Consider social login and social sharing to increase conversion, engagement and other metrics.”

In Brief…

Draw Something’s growth infographic

The success of Draw Something has been somewhat of a phenomenon over the last few months. The company boasted 20 million downloads of its app in a little over five weeks. With OMGPOP – the developers of the app – being snapped up by Zynga for $200m. A new infographic from Coachbase puts the meteoric rise of Draw Something into context.

Word of mouth still as important as ever to shoppers

It may come as no surprise to many, but the latest findings from Nielsen in the report on the global trust in advertising has shown yet again that consumers don’t trust most advertising. The report spans 56 countries, with 92% of the 28,000 respondents stating they trust recommendations from family and friends over any advertising messages.

Talk fitness and Reebok will reward you

In a joint campaign between Reebok and the media management company PeerIndex, 1,000 fitness gurus that talk positively about Reebok on their Facebook or Twitter feeds will be given CrossFit personal training sessions, with the top 100 commentators receiving a pair of RealFlex trainers. PeerPerks’ Digital Marketing Manager Mark Allin said: “We are aiming to add to our online community and develop more long term engagement with fitness enthusiasts. We are confident that the people we are targeting will talk about the events on social media so that puts the pressure on us to deliver a good experience.”

Nivea for men scores highly with links to the England Football team

Using its YouTube presence Nivea has scored a hat trick with 3.25 million views of its ‘The Great Football Experiment’ video. The video also generated over 50,000 Facebook likes and drove 200,000 additional visitors to the company’s website. Nivea digital manager for Northern Europe Matt Marlow said: We find that men are very active online but tend to consume media, whereas women actually interact and engage in discussions. So for us creating football videos was the best way to work with male consumers online.”

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