By Nick Johnson - November 9th, 2010

Coffee, free jeans and Facebook Deals, the world of corporate social media is alive and well, see below for an up to date round up of the latest news....   Lavazza suggests you ask an Italian.. T...

Coffee, free jeans and Facebook Deals, the world of corporate social media is alive and well, see below for an up to date round up of the latest news....


Lavazza suggests you ask an Italian..

The Italian lifestyle image is one of love, laughter, great food and a positive attitude. If you have ever wondered how to become a little more Italian in your outlook on life or how to solve a problem Italia style, look no further because Lavazza, the famous Italian coffee maker is giving participants in its latest campaign this exact opportunity. By uploading a video to website, questions and tips can be exchanged and four lucky entrants per month are flown to Italy and live (briefly) with their Italian lifestyle coach. Vibrant, international and full of hot young things this video campaign is an interactive breath of fresh air.


10 mind blowing social gaming statistics

For a look at some colourful illustrations and intriguing stats regarding the massive popularity of social gaming see here. The numbers show women as being more keen on gaming than men, that 50% of Facebook log-ins are specifically for gaming and that 20% of people have paid cash for in-game benefits. Lucrative, addictive and time consuming  - games are growing up.


Interview with Nokia social media strategy guru

Keep your eyes open here at Useful Social Media for interviews from social media experts. Nick Johnson is talking to a variety of professionals in the run up to the Social Media Summit 2010 happening in London, 17th/18th of November. Here is the interview with Nokia Global Head of Social Media Strategy Jussi-Pekka Erkkola discussing how the company utilises social media to its full potential and analysing successful comms strategies.


Facebook lures to locations with deals


Brands on Facebook are now able to offer deals to fans of their pages based on said fan's location. For a look at the numerous deals on offer and how they are categorised see here. Particularly attractive is the Loyalty Deal related to reward cards, and for the more altruistic the Charity Deal where businesses can donate every time a fan checks in.


Gap give away free Jeans

IIlustrating Facebook Places and Deals perfectly, the Gap have used the platform to give away 10,000 pairs of jeans to the first 10,000 people that check in. It was a hugely popular initiative, and shows how The Gap's social media savvy is growing  (even after their logo debacle...). Facebook, Groupon and Foursquare have all run national deals with the company.


Domino’s Party with Spotify

Domino’s Pizza who earlier this year said that online marketing, and in particular social media, had helped boost its online sales by 61.4% in the first half of 2010, have launched another innovative campaign. The pizza delivery company is encouraging people to order by associating having a pizza with having a party. Voting through Facebook, 1300 votes were taken on the best duet of all time (Run DMC and Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’ won by the way) and a downloadable playlist has been created through Spotify. Party, Pizza, Playlist...Perfect


LinkedIn creates Company Pages

Perhaps catching up with other social media platforms LinkedIn, the professional networking tool has now created individual pages for companies. If statistics are correct and 3 million people join LinkedIn every month, then this will be a great new location for companies looking to manage their brand online and share info.


HP prioritize social networks and identify the best network for particular challenges

Also interesting to read is how businesses see the various social media sites. After a prioritization exercise, Kari Homan, HP's worldwide digital strategy manager commented “Facebook brings broad engagement; it has lots of options. With Twitter, it's an opportunity for frequency and velocity of message, YouTube is important for a very specific type of content; and LinkedIn -- we thought of it as a business meeting, but now we think of it as a business marketplace."


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