By nickjohnson - April 25th, 2014


At the Incite Summit, we do things differently. We believe that conferences need to evolve away from the "Get progressively more bored while staring at pretty - but ultimately useless - powerpoint presentations" model.

We propose something interactive, dynamic, and innovative. In short, we allow you to ask your questions of our senior, experienced roster of brand speakers.

Many in our community have already got involved. Here are the top five questions we've received so far:

  1. How do global enterprises integrate customer and prospect feedback from multiple touchpoints into a single, actionable view?
  2. How should consumer brands be addressing mobile in 2014?
  3. Quality vs Quantity: Is the amount of social followers ever more important than who those followers are?
  4. How can visual content be best leveraged to connect with younger demographics with shorter attention spans?
  5. Where does (and should) marketing meet data science, and how can we leverage this meeting?

Now it's your turn. If you have a marketing question for Wells Fargo, McDonald's, AT&T, Facebook, Yahoo, Old Navy, or any of our other speakers, then ask it in the comments section, below:

We'll collect them all, and ask them on the day. This approach means that our agenda will not only be far more relevant to the needs of the brand marketing community, but it'll also be absolutely cutting edge.

For those of you not joining us in San Francisco, check back here post-Summit - we'll share the answers with you.

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