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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… More data management at Moneysupermarket [U]nderstanding that data is king in their sector of the market...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

More data management at Moneysupermarket

Moneysupermarket HomepageUnderstanding that data is king in their sector of the marketplace, Moneysupermarket have expanded their digital team to 42 to allow them better analysis of the customer data they collect. The new in-house team will look to consolidate the data that is available from their media exposure, social media activity and advertising. This will allow the company to improve its attribution model and lever the advertising the company takes with more granular data insights.

The aim of the new team is to allow better segmentation of the company’s data including its use of social media and how this impacts on the site’s performance. The targeting of ads and also the launch of a new site that will offer higher levels of personalisation than are possible at the moment, will allow the company to make intimate connections with its customer bases.

In addition, the company hopes to use the data it is now interrogating to allow it to offer exclusive deals with strategic partners. With so much data available, the company is aiming to take ownership of that information in a more proactive way than in the past. A large component of that ambition is to ensure that the data gathered from their social media presence can be levered to deliver real world gains for the company.

Interactive hotspots grow customer engagement

Using Linkto technology, Jaeger has released figures of its ‘shop the catwalk’ initiative. The campaign used full-motion video of three catwalk shows at London Fashion Week embedded with links to the company’s website where the clothing items could be purchased. Jaeger claimed a conversion rate of 27% across the videos they offered, with a click through rate of 13% and a massive 300% increase in basket size on their website.

Social media was a key component with the campaign, as the company encouraged its brand advocates to shout about the videos that were on offer. The use of the hotspots also forces an action by the viewer, which is a powerful call to action when social media is used to recommend the videos to others.

Social media key to launch of new Doritos Locos Tacos

Taco Bell Locos Tacos CampaignBrand owners are increasingly making connections with their customer bases In advance of the launch Taco Bell extensively used social media to promote its new Doritos Locos Tacos with extensive exposure on Facebook and Twitter. The company asked its followers to retweet the name of their new product creating a great deal of buzz before the official launch. With over 8 million Facebook fans, the company knew it had a strong presence it could lever for the launch of its new product.

This kind of approach to product launches was recently seen with the Cadbury Bitsa Wispa and in January with the launch of their Dairy Milk Bubbly bar that used Google+ extensively in the marketing campaign. Cadbury have also been using positive sentiment in the shape of an ‘ultimate Wispa fan’ that the company used to encourage a more personal connection with the brand.

Taco Bell is also placing AR technology on its cups and boxes that allow customers to see live tweets about their new product. The company is also placing some these tweets on electronic billboards in Times Square New York. Net-A-Porter and Waitrose are also actively using AR technology to connect their customers to their brand via a range of social media platforms.

Coca-Cola’s new Fanta campaign has Facebook at its heart

Rolling out its new teen centred campaign for Fanta, Coca-Cola will be levering the power of Facebook and gamification to reach its target audience. The new ‘Chase the Taste’ campaign will feature Fanta City, an animated environment with engaging games where players can win prizes.

Zoe Howorth, Market Activation Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “2012 is set to be an exciting year for Fanta. The campaign builds on the success of our previous ‘More Fanta, Less Serious’ activity and will allow the brand to engage directly with our teen audience. The Fanta City Facebook game app platform offers teens a ‘must do’ experience and will be sure to keep them energised, excited and close to the Fanta brand.”

In Brief…

Poster campaign increases mobile sales

The recent campaign by Thorntons that offered smart phone owners the chance to buy an Easter egg for just 1p also benefited the technology partner Simply Tap. The app allows the efficient storage of payment details and delivery address giving users the ability to make one tap purchases. In the case of the Thorntons poster campaign, the consumer can simply scan the QR code to make their purchase.

There are still technical issue that need to be overcome, as research by Compuware revealed that over half of consumers have experienced some problems when access a mobile website, with a massive 74% abandoning the site and their purchase if the site took more than five seconds to load.

How to design the perfect marketing email

Email is a highly effective means of reaching a targeted customer base. However, research has indicated that the number of emails that are actually opened has fallen from 21 per cent to just 11 per cent. It is vital, therefore, to ensure that every email messages is designed to be an effective call to action. Litmus has developed a handy infographic to help you ensure that your email communication is as persuasive as possible.

Shoppers like mobile web and not retail apps

New research just out from Nielsen makes for interesting reading especially if your company is developing a retail app. Nielsen’s metering of the smart phones of 5,000 U.S. volunteers participating in Nielsen’s mobile research shows that during the 2011 holiday season, the top retail apps and websites combined reached nearly 60% of smart phone owners. “Retailers need to think of their business as a multi-channel environment that can potentially include mobile, online, and bricks and mortar stores,” said Burbank. “Winning with shoppers requires a consistent experience across channels that reinforces the values you represent as a retail brand, whether it be price, service, reviews, selection, style, or other key attributes.”

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