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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… Are fans engaging with your brand? [Y]our company may be happy with the number of Facebook fans its has,...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

Are fans engaging with your brand?

facebook-shoppingYour company may be happy with the number of Facebook fans its has, but ask yourself if all of these consumers are really engaging with your brand at even the most basic level. A new study from Napkin Labs shows that on average only 6% of a business’ Facebook fans will actual use comments, likes and polls on the brand’s pages. What is clear is that more likes does not correlate to more engagement. In face the opposite is often true.

What is interesting is the what the report called calls ‘super fans’ has been identified and defined as an individual that does engage with a brand and is actually equal to 75 average fans. Cultivating these super fans is clearly a way to expand your corporation’s brand advocacy.

“Every business has to measure what they do and make sure that it is effective. Likes can be part of that measurement, but we need to start looking beyond that a bit, and start looking in more depth at what fans are actually doing,” Riley Gibson, the co-founder and CEO of Napkin Labs, told Mashable.

Segmenting your customer base

Four Major Consumer SegmentsA new infographic from Get Satisfaction reveals the conclusions from a study conducted by the Incyte Group that identifies the key groups of consumers your business should be targeting with its social media activity. Gaining more insight into who is using social media is a key marketing component of every business. This infographic not only gives details of which consumers are in each group, but why they are important to your corporation. Marketers have known for decades that segmenting their customers gives their campaigns a much better focus and of course a chance of reaching the potential consumers with their marketing messages. Social media can deliver even more detailed insights into your corporation's customers, which should today be a core component of every marketing campaign.

Corporations still don’t know what their social media strategy is

Grayling PULSE ReportIt’s a startling statistic, but 22% of businesses admit that they have not social media strategy. A new report from Grayling PULSE shows that one in five of respondents have no integrated social media policy across their businesses.  CEOs also continue to ignore social media with only 23% personally using social media.

Says Victor Benady Managing Director, Digital: “Social media isn't just about setting-up consumer facing Facebook pages. It has profound implications for businesses today, from the very heart of an organisation and how it engages with its employees, all the way out to the multiple and complex ecosystems inhabited by its advocates and detractors alike, and the lines between all those audiences are so blurred so as to no longer perceivably exist. Managing reputation in today's World not only requires a deep understanding of what is going on out there but also a holistic approach that is deeply engrained in the company's DNA and not just in its communication function."

In Brief…

Pinterest vs. Facebook: Which Social Sharing Site Wins at Shopping Engagement?

As part of their Social Image Sharing and Online Shopping Series Bizrate have looked closely at the levels of conversions within Facebook and Pinterest. The research indicates that 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase as compared to only 40% of online consumers who visit Facebook. Additionally, significantly more online consumers agree that Pinterest is a place to “get inspiration on what to buy,” “help keep track of or collect things I like,” and “to keep up with the latest trends on things that I like.”

The impact of mobile on social and local consumers

The trinity of SOcial, LOcal, and Mobile (SoLoMo) is increasingly making itself felt across the social media landscape. An infographic from Monetate delves into this phenomenon and extracts vital information and insight that all corporations should be paying attention to. The low level of conversions from mobile devices is still very small, but localised search is on the up as consumers look for local goods and services to purchase. The phenomenon of showrooming is rife, but canny businesses can lever this behaviour to their advantage if they understand how the individual components of SoLoMo fit together.

Great Instagram campaigns

Since its launch, Instagram has moved past the 100 million users mark and is now being used creatively by brands even though the platform has no official advertising services. The guys over at Simply Zesty have put together a blog post that picks out five of the best creative campaigns that have recently run on Instagram.

007 needs your help

As part of the marketing juggernaut that is supporting Skyfall, the latest outing for James Bond, Coke Zero has a campaign that wants to ‘unlock the 007 in you’. Last month’s vital ad featured the Bond theme. This month anyone buying a Coke Zero from a vending machine at Antwerp Station will become James Bond for 70 seconds. After entering their name to win free tickets to see the film, they then have the allotted time to dash across the station avoiding several obstacles.

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