By nickjohnson - October 9th, 2013

Your need to know news this week:

Marketers, PR, Corporate Comms. Who runs social?

According to this study, it's the PR team. We have a different view. Ads of the Week Two good ads, one bad. The first is a (now not so) mysterious series of large billboards that have shown up around NYC and SF, talking about your data and files. The second is a rather topical (and terrifying) viral campaign for Carrie. I don't understand how this one is legal, frankly.

On the bad side, Pepsico need to fire someone.

Your customer has increasing power over your business success

An interesting article over at Bloomberg - based on the finding that 9 of 10 C-suite executives say they expect to have 'extensive collaboration' with customers within the next 5 years. If you want to read the report the article is based on, head to IBM.

78% say customer data stored across many silos. 78% say that's a bad thing.

We've just asked 700+ of our readers. These and other statsĀ available here. All in the run up to the release of our new white paper: "Peacemaker, Navigator, Student: The Marketer to 2015"

Facebook's ad platform just got simpler

AdWeek points out that Facebook is simplifying their ad buying and reporting system. Basically, you tell Facebook's new system what outcomes you want, and the company will recommend the best ad type for you. More here.

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