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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… Best Twitter brand profile designs [P]rojecting the right image across your business’ social media cha...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

Best Twitter brand profile designs

Twitter Profile Page DesignsProjecting the right image across your business’ social media channels is essential. One way to engage with your audience is through design. As you update the design of your website, so you should evolve the design of your Facebook page and Twitter profile.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, Simply Zesty has compiled the 50 best Twitter profile page designs. Over a short space of time profile design on Twitter has rapidly developed. Your business should now spend just as much time thinking about the design of its Twitter profile page as every other element of each customer facing touchpoint.

B2B infographics

B2B Social Media Marketing InfographicsSocial media may traditionally be focused on the B2C channel, but B2B enterprises are quickly realising that social media can be a powerful marketing tool they can use. Understanding how social media in the B2B sector differs from B2C is encapsulated in ten infographics that look at every aspect of B2B social media marketing. The subtle and dramatic differences between these two business sectors are clearly revealed.

From understanding the B2B social marketing universe to more focused discussions on inbound content marketing, if your business operates in the B2B sector, these infographics are essential reading.

B2B Facebook Vs. LinkedIn

Facebook versus LinkedIn B2B social media marketingBusinesses that operate in the B2B channel have been looking closely at the social media platforms they could use in a bid to understand which is the most appropriate for them. Generally speaking this boils down to either Facebook or LinkedIn.

The guys over at Bop Design have done all the hard work for you and produced a handy infographic that pits Facebook against LinkedIn in a B2B social marketing challenge. The wide-ranging stats on offer here give an insight into how each platform is being used. It’s then a easy matter of matching your business’ ambitions in the social media to the most appropriate channel.

The content marketing explosion

Content Marketing ExplosionContent marketing has been gathering in popularity over the last year. Big brands including Coca Cola have publically stated that content marketing is at the heart of their integrated marketing strategy, with social media of course playing a large role. A new infographic from Blue Glass gives an insight into who is using content marketing at the moment and how this channel can be levered within your business.

Content it seems is still very much king, with article posting and social media content leading the way in this marketing channel. And commercial gain isn’t the primary goal either, with nearly 70% of businesses using content marketing to raise brand awareness. And outsourcing this aspect of their marketing is increasing up from 55% last year to 62% this year.

In Brief…

Social media and brands down under

If your business is looking at the Australian market at the moment, a new infographic from Marketing is timely. With 62% of Australia’s online population a member of at least one social network as of June, the point of critical mass has been reached. However, usage patterns around the country differ slightly, with Twitter use more prolific in NSW and the ACT, and LinkedIn use more pronounced in NSW and Victoria than neighbouring states.

In-depth analysis of EU Cookie Directive shows most users happy to accept ad cookies

The first in-depth analysis of the impact of the EU Cookie Directive on websites shows that the majority of users are choosing to allow the use of third party advertising cookies and only a small minority (0.05% or 5 in 10,000) are choosing to only allow "Required" or "Functional" cookies. With the ICO due to publish a progress report on the Cookie Directive in November, these findings show that businesses can address the Directive and build more consumer trust through greater transparency of their tracking without having a negative impact on their website performance.

New tool tracks Facebook engagement in real time

A new tool from PageLever could be just what your business has been waiting for. Every business needs to track its engagement on Facebook, but having this information available in real time is a major step forward. The new tool – Now – offers detailed analysis of the last 48 hours of your business’ Facebook activity.

PageLever explain: “Our goal with Now is to apply our expertise in analytics to the publishing and monitoring tools that you use everyday to get your job done. More than “just” a publisher Now is a platform for apps that assist in every step of Facebook marketing, helping you make better decisions by presenting data you can act on.”

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