By Liam Dowd - March 26th, 2014

Social media for B2B marketers, how to create the perfect Vine video, and how Twitter is supporting video content.

Video playback in Twitter timeline

Video has become the most shared type of content across social media networks. In response to this trend, Twitter is testing how video can be embedded in tweets. “Video will begin to feel like a native experience,” said Kevin Weil, vice president of product for revenue at Twitter. “We’re making it easier for people to do what they want to do.”

Sixty of the top brands on the network will be given the opportunity to test the new feature, which is part of Twitter’s Amplify video marketing program. For the video content to appear within a tweet, the creator of the video has to use Twitter Cards.

This move by Twitter was more than expected, as video content has to become a central component of this network if it is to remain relevant to brands, and continue its attraction for consumers. For brand owners considering how Instagram and Vine have become in vogue across the social media space, this move by Twitter is more than welcome.

Twitter Video

Social media comes of age for B2B marketers

The B2C sectors have embraced social media, but according to a new infographic from Real Business Rescue, 2014 is the year that B2B organisations finally leverage social media networks. The data that this infographic is based on is telling. Most notable is the information that clearly illustrates that spending on social media marketing will increase, with all of the major social media networks seeing an increase in their use across the B2B sector.

B2B Social Media Marketing

How to market in six seconds

Vine has been on a meteoric trajectory with its snippets of video becoming highly popular, and shared widely. If your corporation is considering how Vine could be added to its marketing mix, a new infographic from The 7th Chamber will make interesting and vital reading. The top tips include:

Always use hashtags.

Create ‘how-to’ video content.

The distribution strategy is key to success.

Craft content to match the call-to-action.

Be very creative.

Vine Video

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