By Liam Dowd - July 29th, 2014

How to become a Pinterest warrior, mobile social engagement, reading the social signals and the anatomy of a tweet

Social signals

Social media has now become such an accepted component of everyone’s lives understanding the social media touchpoints and how these influence sharing is vital for marketers. SEO once the Holy Grail of marketing professionals as they raced to the top of Google, SEO in the social space is a very different animal. Social signs are those hooks that marketers can now use to influence the sharing of social media based content. A new infographic from the Indian SEO Company illustrates how important these signs have become.


Socially mobile

A new piece of research from Forrester highlights which digital devices consumers now use to access their social media accounts. Surprisingly in an age dominated by smartphones and tablets, 64% of adults polled use a desktop or notebook PC, with 45% using a phone and 25% using a tablet.

However, it’s not the device they use that is important, as the report makes clear, it’s the level of engagement that each channel offers to brand owners. And here, mobile wins hands down with the Facebook app being access more than four times a day. There is also a tendency to share branded materials across social media if this is delivered to a mobile device rather than a desktop.

Smartphone users are more likely to create content. For example, 46% of smartphone users who access social networking sites at least weekly post pictures, audio, or video that they created versus only 34% for PC users.

Smartphone users are also more likely to comment, share, and like content posted by a company. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign in China is a good example of matching the viral nature of a campaign and massive mobile social usage.

Time spent on social applications via smartphones is also significant for consumers who engage with brands on their mobile device. On average, these consumers spend nearly 25 minutes per day on Facebook, 12 minutes per day on YouTube, and 10 minutes per day on Instagram.*

The message is clear: The small screen is king when it comes to consuming content that is shared. Corporations should pay close attention to this when developing the content for their marketing campaigns. Think about how the content will appear on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Make this easy to access and share, and your campaign will be highly successful.

*According to Forrester’s US Consumer Technographics Behavioral Study, November 2013 to March 2014.


Tweet design

Twitter is of course a vital component of any corporation’s marketing campaigns. However, has your business considered how your tweets are structured could have a profound impact on their effectiveness? A new infographic from The Media Octopus reveals how tweets can be formatted and how each could generate the engagement levels your corporation is looking for.

In addition, the use of Twitter as a customer services channel and tool also seems to be being ignored by a large number of UK businesses. According to research from Webhelp UK, 15% of the leading FTSE 250 companies never respond to tweets from their customers, with 64% taking over an hour to respond.

David Turner, Webhelp UK CEO, said: “Our report clearly demonstrates that the face of customer engagement is constantly changing. Although traditional forms of communication still play a predominant role in conversations between companies and their customers, they cannot be offered in isolation. People now expect to be able to contact companies through multiple channels; switching between them at their convenience.”

Learn more about how your corporation can become more engaged across its customer services channel using social media.


Become a Pinterest warrior

A new infographic from emerchantbroker offers a complete overview of Pinterest as it stands at the moment, and how brands can leverage the 70 million active users that the network now has. The graphic offers some timely advice how to best create visual content for Pinterest and how to ensure prospective customers find your corporation’s boards.

Pinterest Warrior

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