By adaptive - June 30th, 2016

Ryan Lauder, Director of Marketing for Adidas TaylorMade, gives a sneak peek of the company's new online hub for the golf community, and how the company will use the new hub to better engage customers, and personalize their experiences.

● A digital pro shop: The experience of going down a pro shop and asking for expert advice was fading away with the advent of online shopping, but now TaylorMade is bringing it back. How can you restore crucial elements of your customer experience that are lost over digital? ● Joining the conversation: TaylorMade is encouraging conversation between its customers. Find out how they’re learning from that discussion to inform the customer experience. ● Connecting online and off: It’s increasingly likely that, if you deal with customers in person, you’re also communicating with them online. Learn how TaylorMade is able to close the loop and deliver a 360 degree experience across channels. TaylorMade,Ryan Lauder, Director of Digital Strategy For more insight on the future of marketing - from 60 major brands, and covering personalization, content, storytelling and marketing attribution, check out the Incite Marketing Summit East 2016!

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