By adaptive - March 11th, 2015

As the leader of the pack, Facebook continues to define the social media space.

For many corporate marketers, social media means Facebook. As the leviathan of the sector, Facebook has continued to develop its dominance especially as an ad partner for many businesses. With a massive captive audience, and high user engagement levels, Facebook continues to dominate the whole social media landscape.
Indeed, according to research by eMarketer, the company will take 10% of all the digital marketing spend in the UK. Digital as expenditure is also on an upward trajectory with estimates stating that by 2016, social media networks will account for 15% of the total ad spend. This is a significant shift, and illustrates how corporations and their brand communications continue to embrace social media.
Facebook’s vital statistics include:
  • 890 million daily active users on average for December 2014
  • 745 million mobile daily active users on average for December 2014
  • 1.39 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2014
  • 1.19 billion mobile monthly active users as of December 31, 2014
  • Approximately 82.4% of daily active users are outside the US and Canada
And Facebook’ influence is also affecting whole economies according to Deloitte: “Facebook has a global impact of $227 billion and influences 4.5 million jobs. High rates of engagement enabled $21 billion of economic impact in Central America and South America. The thriving app economy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa has generated $13 billion in economic impact for the region. And Facebook contributed $13 billion in economic impact in the Asia-Pacific region due to demand for Facebook-motivated data usage and device purchases.
Facebook Users
Says Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said: “Across the world, there is a greater urgency about creating jobs. The good news is that the tech industry is powering the economy and creating jobs within and beyond its own campuses. Every day, businesses of all sizes, sectors and skill sets are using the Facebook platform to grow and expand.”
The continued march towards dominance continues for Facebook, as it increasingly accommodates the propensity to share on mobile devices. According to eMarketer, Shares grew by 8.2% in Q4 2014. And mobile sharing also sees a huge leap with Facebook shares on mobile gaining 85% o the market, Twitter securing 5% and Pinterest 8%.
Recent eMarketer estimates put Facebook’s mobile phone audience at nearly 1 billion worldwide, and sharing activity on the social network reflects this trend. A large chunk of that mobile traffic is likely coming via smartphones. According to a November 2014 study by Frank N. Magid Associates, smartphones accounted for about 44% of US Facebook users’ weekly time with the social network. Tablets grabbed 25% of time spent with Facebook each week, and desktops 32%.”
Statistics to Raise Facebook Engagement
Facebook’s standing as a foundation of all digital marketing campaigns remains intact. Certainly the leverage that Facebook offers to corporations will be determined by their target audience and the messages they want to communicate. What is clear is that consumers have integrated Facebook into their daily lives. With a number of ad-based services now available, corporate marketers have the tools they need to make the most of what Facebook has to offer.
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